‘Coronavirus and chill?’: Virus themed pickup lines are the latest horrifying fad on Tinder and other dating apps


“Are you toilet paper? Cuz I’d fight for you.”

“Hey! Do you have coronavirus? Coz you’re hot”

“Do you have coronavirus? Because I can’t stop looking ah-choo.”

“Can’t spell virus without us so what’s up bbyyyyyy”

Dubious grammar and spellings aside, these rather off-putting sentences are actually pickup lines being used as conversation starters on dating apps.

Dating in today’s world is tough. The internet comes with more that its fair share of strange topics and unsolicited information, and joining a dating app can at times yield rather worrying results.

It would seem that as the coronavirus outbreak gripped the the world and people began to isolate themselves, interpersonal skills too have taken a hit.

Users on dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge have taken with gusto to coronavirus themed pickup lines. And after looking at some of them, we have to say that it doesn’t seem to be working very well.

While it is impressive how the virus and all associated words have been worked into pickup lines and innuendos, the end results remain rather tragic.

Case in point:

“I have the TP and you bring the Purell. We’re a perfect match.”

“I’d rather be quarantined with you…”

Many of the recipients of such messages took to Twitter to voice their annoyance, with some adding that they would remove themselves from the apps if they continued to receive such messages.

And while most of the internet expressed their pain at these pickup lines, some people had a whole different set of problems altogether.

“When no one has sent you coronavirus pickup lines yet…” wrote a Twitter user attaching several broken heart and upset emojis.

“Coronavirus is making me drop my hinge standards to the floor, wrote another, attaching an image that said the individual was looking for someone who “thoroughly washes their hands”.

Worldwide, the coronavirus has affected over 204,000 people and killed 8,246 people, according to a tracker maintained by the Johns Hopkins University.


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