Indore: DAVV Vice-Chancellor furious as ABVP activists steal sanitizer bottles from washroom


Indore: At a time when markets are running out of sanitizer bottles in wake of coronavirus scare, ABVP activists reportedly stole two sanitizer bottles from the washroom of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) vice chancellor’s office during a protest over delay in declaration of results of detained students of BSc (nursing) course, on Wednesday.

However, they returned one bottle of sanitizer when the VC noticed the theft and asked a guard to bring back the bottles.

Activists of ABVP led by their city secretary Virendra Singh Solanki had gone to DAVV to know the date for results of detained students of BSc (nursing) course.

As the activists numbered around 25, the VC permitted only a delegation of four students in her chamber. However, all of them forced their entry into the office.

When the activists, including some affected BSc nursing students, demanded to know why the results had not been declared, the exam controller Ashesh Tiwari informed them that Madhya Pradesh Medical Sciences University (MPMSU) conducts the exam and it is up to them to send the results to DAVV.

This lead to argument between Tiwari and ABVP activists and the latter started misbehaving with him. The VC intervened, but she too was not spared and the ABVP activists misbehaved with her also.

After talking to an officer of MPMSU, the VC stated assured the ABVP activists that the results would be declared soon, and they felt. Subsequently, some staff members told the VC that some of the ABVP activists had entered her washroom in her chamber and had stolen two sanitizers kept there. A furious VC send a guard to bring back the bottles back, but the ABVP activists returned only one bottle.


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