Amitabh Bachchan clarifies ‘home quarantined’ stamped hand not his


Mumbai: The photograph of a hand stamped ‘Home Quarantined’, which Amitabh Bachchan had tweeted, is not his hand, the actor has now clarified.

Big B had tweeted the photo early on Wednesday and captioned it: “Stamping started on hands with voter ink, in Mumbai .. keep safe , be cautious , remain isolated if detected .”

Fans immediately speculated it to be his own hand. Media reports also claimed the same.

The veteran actor took to his blog to clear the confusion about the photo and stated that the hand in the photograph is not his.

He wrote in his blog: “So the ‘hand’ of indelible ink, that found its way on my social media became Breaking news on the Tv channels the entire day .. and concerned friends called in to give me courage and hope and determined to send me the good health bulletins each hour.”

He added: “I am well .. the hand picture is of someone else .. I was merely trying to inform all that the technology is working to safe guard those quarantined to stay at home and if someone were to encounter any one with the ink mark, to tell them to isolate themselves .. it is not my hand neither is it a deliberate effort to bring malign .. its just that media needs fodder .. else it dies.”

Amitabh Bachchan has been actively trying to spread awareness about COVID-19 for the past few days. He has also written a poem on it.

The Bollywood megastar on Sunday had tweeted requesting his fans not to gather outside his bungalow Jalsa for their weekly darshan due to the pandemic and suggested them to stay safe.


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