Nizamuddin mosque gathering: The story so far that led to the death of 6 individuals in Telangana


On Monday evening, the Telangna government announced that six people in the state had died of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 after they had attended a mass gathering organised by religious organisation Tablighi Jammat between March 1 and March 15, 2020.

Here’s a timeline of events that took place

Jan 30, 2020: First case of coronavirus reported in India. The patient, who hails from Kerala, recovered and has returned home since

March 1, 2020: Tablighi Jammat organises a programme at its Nizamuddin headquarters. Over 1,800 people attend. This is the breakdown of numbers

Sr. Name Figure

1. Andaman 21

2. Assam 216

3. Bihar 86

4. Haryana 22

5. Himachal 15

6. Hyderabad 55

7. Karnataka 45

8. Kerala 15

9. Maharashtra 109

10. Meghalaya 5

11. Madhya Pradesh

107 12. Odisha 15

13. Punjab 9

14. Rajasthan 19

15. Ranchi 46

16. Tamil Nadu 501

17. Uttarakhand 34

18. Uttar Pradesh 156

19. West Bengal 73

20. International 281

Total 1830

March 10, 2020: Total number of cases in India touches 50

March 11, 2020: World Health Organisation declares coronavirus a pandemic.

March 13, 2020: Despite the number reaching 50, Centre feels that the coronavirus outbreak is not a health emergency

March 16, 2020: Delhi government orders the ban of gathering of more than 50 people in an area. By then several locals have left New Delhi, but international travellers continue to stay, according to some reports.

March 17, 2020: GoAir bans all international flights

March 18, 2020: IndiGo bans all international flights from New Delhi to Istanbul and Chennai to Kuala Lumpur

March 19, 2020: Government of India bans all international flights

March 26, 2020: A man from Srinagar, who had attended the gathering at Nizamuddin, dies of COVID-19-induced complications

March 30, 2020: Six people from Telangana die of coronavirus. State government issues a statement that they attended the gathering at Nizamuddin. FIR registered against Maulana

March 31, 2020: First set of test results come for those in the mosque. 24 test positive for coronavirus


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