Aakash Chopra trolls himself after fan asks him to join ‘Akash Chopra Fan Club’ WhatsApp group


It is not everyday you will see a WhatsApp group serving as a fan club for a certain sportsperson, and when you do, it will take you by surprise just as it took former India cricketer Aakash Chopra when he was requested to join ‘Akash Chopra Fan Club’ WhatsApp group by a Twitter user.

Chopra felt ‘blessed’ that he is only part of two WhatsApp groups, both for work purposes which helps him avoid ‘flood of mindless WhatsApp forwards’.

A user, however requested Chopra to join the ‘Akash Chopra Fan Club’ WhatsApp group.

Surprised by the group’s name, Chopra was left with no words and ended up trolling himself.

“Aisa bhi hota hai?? (Such things happen??),” he wrote.

Chopra turned to commentary after his spell in cricket. He served the Indian team from late 2003 until late 2004 as a defensive opening batsman and close catcher in Test matches.

He can be seen commentating in various international matches and IPL matches telecasted on Star Network channels in Hindi.


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