‘Making people clap & shining torches in the sky isn’t going to solve the problem’: Rahul Gandhi slams Narendra Modi


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government’s efforts in tackling the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country, which has claimed 61,141 lives and infected 1,138,598 people globally so far.

Taking cognisance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to the citizens of India to switch off the lights in their homes from 9 pm to 9.09 pm on the 5th of April and light diyas, candles or switch on their mobile phone torches to show togetherness amidst the pandemic, Rahul Gandhi said that by making people clap and shining torches in the sky isn’t going to solve the problem.

The Wayanad MP shared a graphic which shows India is conducting fewer tests as compared to South Korea, Italy, Germany and even Pakistan and Sri Lanka. “India is simply not testing enough to fight the #Covid19 virus,” he wrote.

Earlier on Thursday, at the Congress CWC meeting, Rahul Gandhi had urged his party workers and leaders to assisting the poor and the most vulnerable sections of our society amidst the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.

“At the Congress CWC meeting today I emphasised the urgent need to devise an India specific strategy to combat the #COVID19Pandemic & for Congress workers & leaders to help soften the blow by assisting the poor & the most vulnerable sections of our society in every possible way,” he had tweeted.

Meanwhile, 2,902 COVID-19 positive cases have been reported in India so far. The death toll rose to 68 on Saturday. 183 people have recovered/ discharged, said Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Health Ministry.

“Nine per cent COVID19 patients belong to 0-20 years age, 42 per cent patients belong to 21-40 years age, 33 per cent cases pertain to patients between 41-60 years age and 17 per cent patients have crossed 60 years age,” he further added”


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