‘Don’t behave as Tablighi Politician…’: Sambit Patra has a message for Rahul Gandhi


BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Sunday criticised Rahul Gandhi after th latter took at a dig at Prime Minister Modi.

“Dear, Rahul ji,” Patra began, “if you do not have anything positive for the country during the crisis, at least stay silent and avoid the vulgar attempt to create Panic by spreading false things”.

The BJP leader urged Gandhi to avoid behaving like a “Tablighi Politician”.

“Pls don’t forget to switch off TUBELIGHT,”‘ he added.

Earlier in the day, Gandhi had taken to Twitter to post a picture of a “Covid-19 Survival Kit”. In the image, while the world was shown fighting the deadly virus with masks and gloves, sanitisers and soap, India has utensils, and diyas and torches.

This was an apparent dig at Prime Minister Modi’s recent initiatives to boost morale and create solidarity in the country.

In the caption he reminded that not everyone had received the necessary equipment to treat the virus, despite being on the front line daily.

Gandhi had earlier tweeted stating that India was not testing enough to fight the virus effectively.

“Making people clap and shining torches in the sky isn’t going to solve the problem,” he had written.

India has so far recorded over 3,500 cases. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 83 people who had tested positive have since passed away.

Globally, the total number of cases have crossed 1,226,600, and more than 67,200 people have died.


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