Kejriwal gives 5-point plan to fight COVID-19, says ‘no stone will be left unturned to protect people of Delhi’

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal at press conference in New Delhi on Thursday. Express Photo by Anil Sharma. 09.01.2020.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday gave out a 5-point plan to fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed 74,866 lives and infected 1,350,357 globally so far.

Kejriwal said that the government will leave no stone unturned in protecting the people of Delhi. In doing so, he told the 5 Ts to fight COVID-19. “We have formed a 5-step plan after talking to experts, that how will we control coronavirus in Delhi in the time to come. This is a ‘5 Ts plan’, said the Chief Minister.

The 5 Ts plan consists of Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Teamwork and Tracking & Monitoring.

Testing: Following South Korea, Kejriwal said that they will aggressively test to identify, treat, trace, quarantine and seal. “If you don’t test, you won’t be able to find out which houses have been affected. It’ll go on spreading. South Korea identified every single individual through large scale testings. We are now going to do large scale testings like South Korea,” he said.

Tracing: He said that cellphone triangulation will be used to trace every single contact of positive cases. “It is being done well in Delhi. We have also started taking the help of Police. We have given them the phone numbers of 27,702 people to find out if the people, under self-quarantine, are indeed staying at homes,” he said.

Treatment: The Chief Minsiter said that currently there are 525 patients and they have made 2,950 beds available for COVID-19.. However, he added that they will have 8,000 beds in hospitals, 12,000 hotel rooms and 10,000 rooms at banquet halls and guesthouses. He added that not just rooms but the government will need more ventilators, oxygen and other equipment. “We have made the calculations and are ready,” he said.

Kejriwal said the PPE kits were a major issue but the Centre has helped in this regard. Also, the Delhi government has asked for the kits from some companies. “We will get the kits directly from companies from the next week,” he added.

Teamwork: “No one can fight COVID-19 alone. All governments are working as a team. The people and government should also work as a team. Doctor and nurses are the most important part of the team,” said Kejriwal.

He added that the opposition and ruling party are working together. “I will talk to all the MPs in Delhi on Wednesday,” he said.

Tracking & Monitoring: Kejriwal said he will personally track everything and ensure things fall in line.

He said, “I am personally monitoring the situation and the preparations. I am sure if we are well prepared, we will be able to win this fight against coronavirus.”

Meanwhile, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India rose to 4421 (including 3981 active cases, 325 cured/discharged/migrated people and 114 deaths), said the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

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