Making Birthday’s Special during COVID-19 with


Birthdays are special. One cherishes the day as it is the birth anniversary of your loved one.

It is that one day that holds much significance and is special. Whether you are a parent celebrating your child’s arrival, in your life on that day.

A friend who wants to show how much they value your friendship, a spouse wanting their beloved to know they care and love them, or even celebrating your relationship with your relatives on their birthday.

The meaning and significance of the day holds true for everyone, irrespective of age, yes indeed, there is something incredibly special about birthdays!

Children are particularly excited about the day.

For them, it means birthday gifts, friends, party & of course the highlight of the celebrations – a Birthday cake, the birthday song, and the blowing of the candles!

However, with the COVID -19 pandemic hitting us, it has limited celebrations and events.

It has brought with it many constraints and social restrictions even though necessary during these times however, it also means that celebrations and festivities have become a rare occasion and the ‘new normal.’

Imagine, for a child who waits all year long for this one day – only to understand that in the current scenario, he/she cannot celebrate it with their friends, nor have the cheer of the birthday song while they blow the candles out, on the cake!

Children unfortunately for them, it means missing out on all the excitement that is a part of this day.

However, we at Swarnimtimes researched and came across this beautiful website dedicated to making a birthday be what it is – special! offers birthday songs that one can dedicate – to their loved ones from the comfort of their home. With over 7000 names in the database, names both Indian & Christian, it makes it so easy.

The wisher has a variety of options available – dedicate birthday songs or if you are in a different city, it also offers a birthday dialler.

Birthday dialler is a feature where a call is made on your behalf to the person whom you wish to send birthday wishes, a specially dedicated song chosen by the wisher on the day and time of their choosing.

It offers options wherein the person can download a particular song with the name of the birthday person, and send it across over WhatsApp, Facebook, or email.

Imagine the glee of the child or the surprise on your beloved’s face and the joy they would feel when they answer the phone and hear a personalized birthday song dedicated to them.

Yes, COVID -19 may have taken out ‘the fun’ from birthday parties but you can still make it special for the child or a beloved by dedicating a special song, just for them, on their special day or make a video with those cherished moments, especially for them and show them that you care and how important this day is for you!



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