Online coaching – a Boon for Students during COVID -19 Pandemic


COVID -19 pandemic has played havoc in our lives. The entire world is under its impact.

It has not only thrown the economy of the wealthiest of nations under the radar, but it has also impacted all industries, in every sector, even the most renowned brands in the world are struggling to keep afloat.

Amongst this chaos, the student community has suffered tremendously. However, with online coaching classes, such as Exambazaar, there is a ray of hope for the student’s community.

For millions of students all around the world and in India, with schools and colleges shut and with no information on when and how this pandemic can be controlled or wiped out, it has thrown a challenge to the education givers all across the world.

Learning and classes have now begun to use and make a shift towards digital platforms.

Exambazaar is an online coaching learning platform that provides the option and solution for students to keep their learning and academia on track and not suffer from loss of valuable education.

Several educational institutes have recognized the value of time and hence, have started to integrate and fully shift to online platforms to impart education and to cater to the needs of the students.

There has been an increase in, and a boost observed in existing online education platforms, and to cater to the current need they have begun to increase their online infrastructure.

In respect to the prevailing situation, even Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have seen an exponential increase in demand in online education and learning.

COVID -19 pandemic has necessitated the change and while it may take some time to get used to this mode of learning, it does have its advantages as well.

Online learning offers flexibility in the form of time management.

It is much less expensive and therefore economically friendly, especially in these times where finances might be a concern for many families.

One of the most important advantages is that it has unfolded the scope of learning.

Students have the option of exploring wider fields and choose what works best for them, the online learning platform also offers diversity in terms of opportunities.

Language no longer remains a barrier and therefore, understanding and comprehending concepts become easier, facilitating faster learning.

Many institutes are offering free demo classes and preparation packages to help students in their endeavours.

E-learning platforms have increased their quality of content and accelerated their game, to continue to provide learning avenues for students and have also understood that with many students now having little option but to join online classes, they must improve the quality of online content.

Exambazaar has seen a hike of almost 20% in demand for online coaching and their coaching partners such as Lawprep Tutorial, DMBCI, Motion Education have now switched to online coaching this session.

Hence, even though the COVID -19 pandemic has impacted the academic stream and the education system.

Yet, it is commendable that both the education givers and the education receivers have not let their spirits down, but instead have accepted the challenge, and have found a way, to work around the Covid-19 pandemic and view towards positivity and bright future.

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