US Lawmakers Express Urgency and Concern Over Visa Wait Time Issue Amidst Modi’s Visit


US: As anticipation builds for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming state visit to the United States, top lawmakers in the country are raising concerns about the prolonged wait times faced by Indian visa applicants. In a series of separate Congressional hearings, US lawmakers pressed the Biden administration to prioritize addressing the visa wait time issue, highlighting the crucial role that the people-to-people relationship plays in fostering strong bilateral ties between the two nations.PM मोदी का अमेरिका दौरा, वीजा वेटिंग टाइम को लेकर US सांसदों में हलचल,  बाइडन सरकार को घेरा - PM Narendra Modi US Visit US Lawmakers Urge Biden  Admin to Address Visa

Senator Bob Menendez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Congressman Michael Waltz, Co-Chair of the House India Caucus, both sought answers from senior State Department officials regarding the steps being taken to resolve the visa wait time issue. With Prime Minister Modi’s visit scheduled for later this month, lawmakers emphasized the significance of the relationship between the two countries and expressed the need for swift action.

US Lawmakers Call for Urgent Resolution of Visa Wait Time Issue Before Prime Minister Modi’s State Visit: Stressing the Need for Swift Action

Senator Menendez acknowledged the strong people-to-people ties between the United States and India, emphasizing India’s inclusion in the QUAD and the shared geostrategic interests between the two nations. As a representative of New Jersey, home to a large Indian American population, Menendez commended the State Department’s efforts in reducing wait times for first-time B1-B2 visa applicants in India. However, he expressed concern over the persistently long wait times, with some applicants experiencing delays of up to 600 days.

Congressman Waltz echoed Menendez’s sentiments, describing the India-US relationship as one of the most consequential in the 21st century. Given the significant trade volume and the impending state dinner and visit by Prime Minister Modi, Waltz stressed the importance of resolving the visa wait time issue and inquired about any India-specific policy fast tracks that could be implemented. Recognizing the impact of the delay on the business relationship between the two nations, Waltz urged swift action to address the issue.Jaishankar raises visa delay issues with US; Blinken says he is sensitive  to it | India News - Times of India

Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, Rena Bitter, assured lawmakers that the State Department is actively working to tackle the visa wait time problem. Bitter acknowledged the historically high demand for visas in India and explained that the country faced challenges meeting this demand due to the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. She highlighted the department’s efforts to open dedicated appointment slots for Indian nationals in various posts and categories, aiming to improve wait times and restore pre-pandemic levels of efficiency.

Bitter further stated that the State Department is on track to adjudicate one million visas in India this year, emphasizing the extraordinary productivity of the department’s operations in the country. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the department remains committed to meeting the demand and ensuring a smoother visa application process for Indian applicants.Visa wait times to drop after July 2023, says U.S. ahead of Yellen visit -  The Hindu

The concerns raised by US lawmakers reflect the importance of fostering strong ties between the United States and India. The people-to-people relationship, underscored by the significant Indian American community and the substantial trade volume between the two nations, serves as a foundation for the broader bilateral relationship. Promptly addressing the visa wait time issue not only facilitates smoother travel and business interactions but also demonstrates the commitment of both nations to strengthening their ties.

US Lawmakers Call for Urgent Addressal of Visa Wait Time Issue Prior to Prime Minister Modi’s State Visit: Pressure Mounts for Swift Action

As Prime Minister Modi’s state visit draws near, it is crucial for the Biden administration and the State Department to prioritize finding effective solutions to reduce visa wait times for Indian applicants. By streamlining the visa adjudication process and implementing India-specific policy measures, the United States can demonstrate its commitment to fostering a robust and mutually beneficial relationship with India.

In conclusion, US lawmakers have called on the Biden administration to prioritize resolving the visa wait time issue faced by Indian applicants ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s state visit. Recognizing the importance of the people-to-people relationship and the significant trade volume between the two nations, lawmakers have emphasized the need for swift action to address the delays.Modi's Visit Critical To Strengthening US-India Partnership, Say US  Lawmakers

The State Department has acknowledged the challenges posed by the pandemic and has assured lawmakers of its commitment to improving wait times and streamlining the visa application process. Resolving this issue will not only enhance travel and business interactions but also reinforce the strong and strategic partnership between the United States and India.


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