Delhi Schools closed tomorrow due to heavy rains: Delhi MCD


Delhi Schools closed tomorrow due to heavy rains: MCD

Due to heavy rainfall, all schools under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), including MCD-aided and Recognised schools, will be shut for students on 11th July in Delhi.

In light of the ongoing heavy rainfall in Delhi, all schools under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), including MCD-aided and Recognised schools, will remain closed for students on July 11. This decision was announced by Sujata Malik, Additional Director of Education, who issued an office order emphasizing the well-being of the students. The unprecedented rainfall in the state has prompted this precautionary measure.

The news was also shared through a tweet by ANI, stating that all MCD schools, MCD-aided and Recognised schools, will be closed for students on July 11 in Delhi due to the heavy rainfall.

Delhi Schools closed tomorrow due to heavy rains: MCD

The closure of schools is a necessary step to ensure the safety and comfort of the students in the face of adverse weather conditions. The record-breaking rainfall in Delhi has raised concerns about commuting risks and potential disruptions to regular school activities. By suspending classes, the authorities aim to prioritize the well-being of the students and prevent any unnecessary risks or inconveniences.

Delhi has been experiencing heavy rains recently, leading to waterlogging and other challenges across the city. Such conditions can pose difficulties for students commuting to and from school, potentially jeopardizing their safety. By temporarily closing the schools, the authorities are taking a proactive approach to minimize any potential hazards and provide a secure environment for the students.

Parents and students are advised to stay updated with further announcements from the concerned authorities regarding the resumption of regular school activities. The decision to reopen the schools will depend on the improvement in weather conditions and the assurance of safe commuting for the students.

During this period of school closure, it is recommended that students utilize their time effectively by engaging in productive activities at home, pursuing personal interests, or focusing on self-study. This unexpected break can also serve as an opportunity for families to spend quality time together and ensure the well-rounded development of the students beyond the classroom setting.

The education authorities, along with the local administration, will continue to monitor the weather situation closely and take appropriate actions to ensure the smooth functioning of schools once the conditions improve. The safety and welfare of the students remain the top priority, and necessary steps will be taken to ensure a conducive learning environment for all.

Following the announcement by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, schools in Delhi and neighboring areas such as Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Noida will remain closed due to heavy rainfall. The decision was made in response to Delhi experiencing a record-breaking 153 mm of rain in a 24-hour period, the highest recorded in July since 1982, according to the Indian Meteorological Department. The heavy rainfall has also affected several parts of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab.

In light of the continuous downpour and the resulting flooding in various regions of Punjab and Haryana, schools have been shut for the third consecutive day as authorities work on relocating affected individuals to safer areas. The situation is being closely monitored, and it is recommended to stay updated with the latest information on school closures.

These measures are being implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of students, staff, and the general public in the face of the extreme weather conditions. It is essential to prioritize the security of individuals and mitigate potential risks associated with heavy rainfall and flooding.

For real-time updates on school closures, it is advisable to refer to reliable sources of information. Authorities are actively monitoring the situation and will provide timely updates regarding the resumption of regular school activities once the weather conditions stabilize and it is deemed safe for students to return.

During this time, it is important for everyone to exercise caution and adhere to any instructions or guidelines issued by the relevant authorities. Individuals are encouraged to stay indoors, avoid unnecessary travel, and take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety.

The efforts made by the authorities to relocate affected individuals and provide assistance reflect their commitment to minimizing the impact of the heavy rainfall. By taking proactive measures and swiftly responding to the situation, the authorities aim to protect lives and property and restore normalcy in the affected regions as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a conversation with Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Monday to assess the situation in the state following heavy rainfall. The Prime Minister sought information regarding any casualties or damage to property, the status of roads, particularly those involved in the Char Dham Yatra pilgrimage, the impact on agriculture, farmers, and crops, as well as the conduct of the Kanwar Yatra. As a result of the Kanwar Yatra, schools in Uttarakhand will remain closed for the week.

Kanwar Yatra 2023

The Prime Minister’s discussion with the Chief Minister demonstrates the government’s concern for the well-being of the people and the need to address the challenges posed by the excessive rainfall. Assessing the loss of life, damage to infrastructure, and the condition of important pilgrimage routes is crucial in order to effectively coordinate relief efforts and ensure the safety and security of the affected individuals.

Additionally, the Prime Minister’s inquiry into the condition of agriculture, farmers, and crops reflects the government’s commitment to supporting the agricultural sector, which is often heavily impacted by adverse weather conditions. Understanding the impact on agriculture enables appropriate measures to be taken to assist farmers and minimize any potential long-term consequences on the region’s economy.

Moreover, the discussion regarding the Kanwar Yatra highlights the importance of balancing religious and cultural events with the safety and well-being of the public. The decision to close schools for the week in Uttarakhand reflects the government’s proactive approach in prioritizing the security of students and ensuring their uninterrupted education.

By actively engaging with the Chief Minister and gathering information about various aspects of the situation, the Prime Minister can assess the overall impact and determine the necessary steps to be taken to address the immediate challenges and facilitate a swift recovery process. The collaboration between the central and state governments is crucial in effectively managing the aftermath of natural disasters and providing timely assistance to those affected.


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