A Never-Ending Debate – Books or Movies?


As said by Stephen King – “Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.”

This is a never-ending debate. Book lovers will favour reading books and movie lovers will stick to their point. Everybody has their opinion; let us discuss each in detail:

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With books, nothing exists in reality. They enhance your imagination as they take you into an imaginary world created by what you read.  You can feel like a hero who kills the villain, you can feel like an alien, a demigod or a courageous boy who helps others in need. There is no limit to your imagination. You also get to know things in detail as every single moment gets expressed sumptuously. 


Those 200-300 pages can give you a feel of new life or character. Books help us in improving our grammatical mistakes and vocabulary also. They are portable and can be read online too.   All thanks to digitalization, you can read books online at a quite nominal price. If you have enough time or you love reading, then book reading is best for you.


Watching a story on a big screen is an entirely different experience. It helps you to visualize all the imagination you had while reading. This is quite clear in the case of all the series of Harry Potter. Watching them is much more fun than reading. It is not possible to imagine the characters as they are in the book. You get to know about new characters in their new and unique looks that are much far better than your imagination.


Although, many times the characters mentioned in the books are absent or inappropriately presented in the movie. But the new ones are not always bad. They give exposure to your imagination. Movies can be seen in theatres or at home online too.  People who don’t like reading can know about the book by watching movies. Movies are a great way to publicize a book.  The fame of the author increases after a movie is made inspired by their books.  A major drawback of a movie is it sometimes goes out of budget for many.


Digitalization has changed the way of reading and watching movies. Everything is available online. Now online videos narrate the night time stories to kids, which were once used to be a duty of grandparents.  It has reduced the reading habits of kids. Apps like Youtube, Pinterest, etc. act like helping hands, leaving reading habits behind. Besides all this, books haven’t lost their importance.


Well, everyone has their own opinion. I am a book lover and prefer reading books before watching it as it helps to know where things are going out of the board. I found the movie ‘Two States’ far better in reading than watching its movie. The feeling while reading left a deep impression on my mind.

What do you think- Are books better or movies? Please share your views.



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