Just Organik: Get the Himalayan Purity


All you should know about Just Organik

Just Organik, is a brand which is owned by Treta Agro (P) Ltd and it signifies the Just and Ethical supplies of Organic produce. Its prime area of work is in Uttarakhand and is an agriculture produce oriented group.

The objective and goal of this venture is to provide access to safe and healthy (Organic) food to the consumer at reasonable rates and create wealth for the farmers by motivating them to adopt sustainable and organic farming practices. The Start Up India recognized company operates in Pulses, Millets, Cereals, Spices, Oils, Tea and Sweeteners categories.

Just Organik- Worldwide

Treat Agro has within a short period of time has become a prominent domestic player in the organic segment with exports to USA, Australia, UK, France, Middle East and Singapore. Company has seen manifold increase in the sales volumes each year and their performance in the market and in the industrial sector is beyond expectation.

Reason was such manifold growth

Though there is a presence of similar venture in the market, what make Just Organik different from similar companies are:

  • Complete Holistic solution, Farm to fork. They are working with close to 3000 farmers to procure their product and process and market.
  • New and innovative product, including ready meals that no other brand provides.
  • Innovative market linkages with involvement of direct sales as well.

Recognition and Awards

With an excellent review and outstanding performance in the market, Just Organik was awarded with “Organic India Excellence Award”, Best Organic Brand ad Agri Business leadership award.

People Bind the Idea

Just Organik is founded by Pankaj Agarwal and Richa Agarwal and Supported by Sandeep Agarwal. Pankaj is a Telecom Engineer and Management Graduate (from MDI) and he has spent 17 years in the corporate world, working for various multinationals in the technology domain before getting into this.

While, Richa is Post Graduate and was working with SRF foundation. Sandeep is an Agriculturist from Pant Nagar University and has been instrument in getting the farmer connect.

It is pertinent to note that the company is self-funded and bootstrapped. However, they are getting into expansion phase and are planning to raise external equity-based funding to take the company to the next level.

Long Term Goals

Just Organik is into expansion mode, both domestically as well as internationally. They want to take the organic consumption to the next level and for that consumer education becomes the most important aspect which will be achieved by the active involvement of the consumers.

Further, they are expanding the distribution channel and engaging more innovative channels. Their vision and aim is to become the most trusted organic food brand with innovative products and consumer connect.

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