Violent clashes between police and lawyers in Tis Hazari court, many vehicles set on fire


There was a fierce clash between the police and lawyers at Tis Hazari Court on Saturday over parking. The dispute grew so much that it turned into a violent clash.

Lawyers have also set fire to a jail van and a PCR.
At present, the atmosphere of the court complex remains tense. It is being told that sabotage and firing were also done in many vehicles. Mahavir Sharma, Chairman of the Coordination Committee and Secretary General Dhir Singh Kasna have announced that there will be no work in the district courts on 4 November. This decision has been taken against the police firing on lawyers in Tis Hazari Court.

Seeing the escalation, police of many police stations have been called in the court premises. It is being told that a lawyer named Vijay Verma has been injured in this incident. He was immediately admitted to the nearby St. Stephen’s Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment.

On the other hand, police say that no firing incident has taken place, but police vehicles have been set on fire. According to the information so far, there was a fight between the police and lawyers of the Third Battalion outside the lockup over a parking dispute. This battalion of police serves to take prisoners to court.

After the dispute, the lawyers beat up the police officers and also scrambled with the SHO. Some eyewitnesses even say that after taking violent forms of the dispute, lawyers were beating every policemen whoever they saw.

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