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All about Sociocs

Sociocs provide a single inbox to businesses to handle their customer communications. Now a day’s customers use various channels such as social media, messengers, online reviews, email, SMS etc. to connect to or speak about the businesses they are engaged with. Staying on top of all these communication channels is a tedious process for businesses.

The objective behind the launch of such an App for customer satisfaction, i.e., the customer demands easier access to online support channel and it is their biggest request from the consumers. More and more customers identify social messaging as effortless and more satisfying communication option than making phone calls or sending emails. However, one person can answer only one phone call a time. Thanks to Sociocs, staff in business houses can now handle interactions with multiple customers more efficiently.

All that is required is to connect your messenger/social media accounts and/or pages on the Sociocs platform. Further, reply to the customer inquiries will be now made on timely basis as the App will have an instant notification which will make sure that the business houses are made aware whenever a customer tries to reach you.

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Sociocs provides an inbox for all these channels so that a business has to just look at one place to answer their customers. At present, they support Facebook (Messenger, Post comments, Ratings & Reviews), Instagram, Twitter (direct messages, tweet replies, mentions), Google Reviews & Questions, Android app reviews, Telegram, Viber, Kik, Email, and SMS). Their Target audience are Small & Medium Businesses & Enterprises and their Geographic Location is Worldwide.

How is Sociocs different from other similar startups.

 The competitors of Sociocs are primarily targeting large organizations and looking at this problem from an automation perspective (e.g. chatbots). Their prices are a non-starter for SMBs and SMEs. Sociocs are looking at the problem from a usability standpoint, making it convenient for the businesses to talk-back to their customers. Moreover, their SaaS website and mobile apps are FREE to use and will stay that way without any limits on number of connected channels or team members. In future, they will charge only for the premium add-ons. 

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Finance and funding

Sociocs have received pre-seed funding from US and India based angel investors.

Person behind Sociocs

This is a single founder startup. Dipen is the founder and belong to a business family. He has done M.S. in Computer Science from a U.S. university. Dipen lived and worked in the US for many years (including a stint at Microsoft at their Redmond headquarters) before moving back to India. This is his second startup. His first company Tuzzin focuses on the banking sector, and is running successfully.

The way ahead

In the next 2-3 years, this start-up is going to focus on keep improving the product, and some premium add-ons based on the customer feedback. The founder of Sociocs, sees that his start-up becoming a day-to-day customer communication tool for at least 100,000 worldwide business users within next couple years.

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