How to prepare for Current Affairs for UPSC exam


UPSC is known to be the toughest and most reputed exam for the government service in India. Majority of the Indian people prefer giving IAS as their preferred civil services exam and get into the Indian Service.

NeoStencil allows these individuals to have access to LIVE CLASSROOM and prepare for the exam. The experts at NeoStencil provide lectures online for current affairs which may be stored, and the students can play and listen to these lectures anytime they want.

For those preparing for the UPSC exammust be aware that the exam is conducted in three phases; Prelims, Mains and Interview. In all the phases, Current Affairs plays a very significant role.

Importance of Current Affairs in UPSC preparation

Questions on current affairs test how much the candidate is aware and informed about the happenings around him/her. Candidates are tested on their awareness about the current issues, including regional, national or international. It includes history, geography, polity, etc. play the role of foundation stones and make it a robust building. Candidates have many questions during the preparation of Current Affairs sections, such as:

  • How much time to devote to preparing for Current Affairs?
  • Which magazine and newspaper to follow?
  • Should they opt for offline material or online material?
  • Can they prepare on their own or should take the guidance of experts?

This article will guide the candidates as to how to prepare for Current affairs for UPSC exam.

  1. Source for Current Affairs

Reading newspapers is an essential requirement. The Hindu is one of the best newspapers for keeping oneself updated with all the recent happening. The Indian Express is also a good source of national and international news.

Grasp the issue underlying that news; why it is in the news, background or static knowledge associated with it, pros and cons, government stand, challenges, suggestions, etc. and prepare a daily note.

  1. Take your test and Answer Writing

Please note, confine to limited secures for preparation. Do daily answer writing practice and online quiz/test. This will help you to keep yourself aware as to what type of questions can be framed from the newspaper article.

Take the help of the online source for daily news, as they are handy and convenient. NeoStencil provides its users with the daily news and updates on Current Affairs from The Hindu, Indian Express, Livemint newspapers for competitive exam preparations. It will help the candidate to be updated with important and relevant news from the exam perspective.

  1. Make notes on Current Affairs

Prepare an organized note that will make your revision easy before exams. Read magazines like Yojana to supplement your notes. Notes should be connected to other subjects as current affairs can’t be read in Isolation.

  1. Have a routine

Go through the current affairs regularly and do not wait for the year-end compilations as these materials only add value to the process, but it cannot substitute the regularity. Experts at NeoStencil, have suggested the following guidelines for preparation:

  • Have a core understanding of the topic
  • Revise 
  • Prepare notes, or read a monthly magazine or make class notes from NeoStencil online class 
  • Read newspaper daily for 90min -120min
  • Reading the syllabus for Prelims and Mains (Daily morning)

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