DevOps: Breaking the Development-Operations barrier

Best DevOps Certification Training Course

Artificial Intelligence is on rising, and business is deploying means to lessen their work burden and fasten up the process of work. The market is facing a tough competition; every company is looking out for people who can manifold their profit and bring them at par with the world market.

Inventateq offers students and professionals Best DevOps Certification Training Course with Placements. This helps the student to be on par with the other developing nations that have better technology and technique to bring out the best output and raise profit.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a practice that increases the efficiency between software development and IT teams, which helps the companies to reduce the time their earlier took in building, testing and releasing the software. 

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DevOps help to automate the process and bring in more reliability. DevOps was founded to build a culture of collaboration between teams that historically functioned in relative siloes. It helps to:

  1. More assurance on the software
  2. Issues are solved quickly
  3. Unplanned work is managed in a better way
  4. Helps to release the company’s products immediately and gives them an edge on the time.

Inventateq provides professional training to students and allows Practice using DevOps tools in a real environment with live cloud Project 

Unique Features of Inventateq DEVOPS Course

The team at Inventateq comprises of experts and professionals who have 10+ year of experience and diverse knowledge. Students at Inventateq are given 0ne-on-one guidance and have easy access to reach out to their experts and clear their doubts. Inventateq offers:

  • Be it a fresher or a professional, every student at Inventateq is assured of placement
  • Once you enrol with Inventateq, you will be given a Real-Time Industry projects experience.
  • Experts at the class have over 10+ Year of Experience
  • cloud computing training in bangalore (, cloud computing training in Chennai ( not only helps you to gain theoretical knowledgebut the instructors will provide specially built scenarios and comprehensive sets of related tasks, which will help you to take the job as a fresher recruiter in the company you are placed.
  • Once you are enrolled, you will leave as a Recognized and Authorized DEVOPS Certification professional.
  • DevOps is becoming the need of any company, and it is predicted by Inventateq, that there would be 1,00,000 job in this field in 2020.
  • Learn popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Nagios, GIT, Splunk, Docket, Build, Release, Maven
  • Topics and Sub-Topic will be covered in details, both the practical and theoretical information.
  • Additionally, Classroom and Live Instructor LED Online trainingby Industry Experts.
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Get yourself enrolled with Inventateq and learn from experts. To avoid any future dispute, Join their Free Demo Class this week.

For more detail, call on 7676765421

Know more about the Inventateq’s devops training in bangalore ( and devops training in Chennai (


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