MP Govt bracing up to deal with fire incidents, area with 1L population to get fire zone, policy ready


BHOPAL: The state government has made a new fire policy to control the incidents of fire.

According to the policy, an area comprising one lakh population will be declared fire zone so that if a fire breaks out it may be immediately controlled.

The policy, made by the Urban Development Department, has been sent to the committee of senior secretaries, and after their approval, it will be implemented.

Once this policy is adopted, the fire services will be under the control of Urban Development Department, and the police will have no control over it.

Modern fire zones will also be set up under the policy in such places, that fire tenders may reach the spot, immediately after getting information.

The zones will be set up in areas from where the fire officials can cover both urban and urban areas.

Such zones will be set up in 250 big and small cities. The fire policy in the state is being revamped.

Those working in fire services will be imparted special training as part of the new policy, and once introduced, it will generate jobs.

Commissioner of Urban Development Department, P Narnari, said the department began to make the policy.

Once the committee of senior secretaries approves the policy, it will be put up before the cabinet, he said.

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