Thoughts of Quarantined Minds: What the FPJ Online Team realised while working from home?


Archimedes discovered the Archimedes Principle while taking a bath. Einstein’s unraveled the mysteries of the universe and wrote four papers that shook science and gave us the Special Theory of Relativity and a new way to understand the universe. Sometimes a change of environment can lead to brilliant epiphanies. So, while we trudge to bring you the latest updates, we asked the Free Press Journal Online team to share their revelations. What did they discover working at home instead of the office?

Nirmalya Dutta: It’s very hard to yell (sorry, give positive criticism) to people from home on chat.

Ronak Mastakar: More cons then pros: Putting up with father’s obsession over the coronavirus news and his constant commentary on the numbers (almost feels like a cricket match). And mom’s constant ‘eat something’ tape! And I’m not saying anything about my sister because she’s peeping in as I type this.

Jayadev Calamur: What I have learnt from home: I know what’s happening in the offices of two other people, and it’s unnerving.

Husain Rizvi: I feel i should learn how to cook now for real. Life without food delivery sucks.

Anwesha Mitra: I’m now the family fact checker who is constantly being told to ‘eat something’. I miss my horrible lifestyle.

Simran Khan: It’s really hard to make my mom understand that work from home means WORK from home!

Dipti Bhat: Work from home and the 21-days lockdown made me realise that I cannot play with random stray dogs for quite some time now. Well, it sucks tbh..

Gaurav Kadam: While I love being at home in Pune, it’s annoying that everyone around me enjoys their siesta (only Punekars know this) while I battle it out against coronavirus (with words of course). Anyways I miss people in the office and the chats (ahem ahem).

Kaiwant Shah: It’s hard to make employer believe that my working time is 9 to 5. If am working from home doesn’t mean I am available from 8am to 10pm.

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