‘You have to be someone to get insulted bro’: Chetan Bhagat brutally trolls Kunal Kamra on Twitter


People seem to have a lot of free time during this lockdown as we saw two of Twitter’s favourite celebrities square off. Of course, square off would be a misnomer given there was only one ‘befitting reply’ in this showdown.

On Tuesday, Kunal Kamra – trying hard to stay relevant after hitting the headlines for being banned for heckling Arnab Goswami – took a break from mocking PM Modi and instead turned his guns on Chetan Bhagat.

The ‘comedian’ shared a screenshot of bestselling ‘author’ Chetan Bhagat in which C-Bag asks: “Scale of 1-10, how bored are you right now?”

A user had replied: “11 but still won’t read your book.”

This led Kamra to observe: “Chetan Bhagat, even I don’t get insulted to (sic) frequently and badly.”

.The best-selling author and columnist had a perfect riposte though which went: “You have to be someone to get insulted bro.”

At the time of publishing, Bhagat’s comeback had over 1.3k RTs.

Kunal Kamra did try a comeback but it was the usual standard we’ve come to accept from his jokes: “‘Being Someone’ is the right category your career falls into, No one knows why but for some godforsaken reason you’re still relevant… *Don’t take this as a compliment*”


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