New age calls for the Fretbox way


In today’s times, most people in cities reside in housing societies, and while community living can be pleasant yet, it also poses its own unique concerns and difficulties.

Irrespective of the size of the community living, big or small, society management can be challenging, and maintenance issues are sometimes hard to resolve.

Hence time management and quick solutions to problems are sometimes a herculean task.

Imagine a plumbing issue in your apartment and thus, you call the maintenance in -charge to resolve the problem.

But unfortunately, despite several attempts to register a complaint, the person in charge is unavailable, given such a scenario most often than not, the society chairman is informed, who promptly promises to take care of the issue, but alas, several days have passed and the problem still persists.

There are numerous cases of such instances wherein the above-mentioned scenario is a common occurrence.

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It would be unfair to say that the society chairman is unable to deliver, for he relies on several people, assigned to facilitate the process, but their inability to deliver reflects badly on his organizational skills.

Wouldn’t it be great, if there was a system in place that helped with complaint management, amenities booking, collection and payments, team management, and all the issues related to maintenance and process?

Well, fret not, because FretBox can help you!

FretBox, endeavours to make daily living easier and hassle-free in housing societies, Commercial complexes, Educational campuses, and even Business Parks.

With the most technologically advanced App for security and community management, it enhances the safety of residents, tenants, and even employees.

Its digital platform manages community tasks for residents, facility management teams, RWAs, etc.

By introducing real-time tracing of society activities and efficient communication, it has made keeping records, follow up, and quick resolutions to problems a reality!

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FretBox has gone a step beyond and recognised the challenges in managing societies, as well as resident accounts accurately and the follow up required for collections and payments of maintenance fees.

Their clarity stems from their vision, which is to act as a facilitator and a skilled role player and by providing an online platform that acts as a digital helpdesk and a digital tracker of grievances, faced on daily basis, right from registration to closure, it is there to take care of your problems.

It has further introduced the concept of a digital notice board that publishes online notices to inform residents, management committee members, and facility management staff by creating online polls.

An example of technology integration is their AI-enabled chatbot that can help resolve the most common issues without the need for human intervention.

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Rent/ Maintenance collection and payments have also been introduced on the digital platform, therefore making tracking and payments of bills much easier and accurate.

FretBox has truly revolutionized the entire concept of service management.

With the introduction of real-time tracking of society activities, effective communication, quick response, and resolution of problems, it has made the whole process seamless and result-oriented, so that you experience, a happy, safe, and seamless community living!

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