Now dispute over Indus Water Commission:


 India proposed a virtual meeting of the Indus Water Commission; Pakistan adamant to hold meeting on attic border

  • The meeting was not held in March due to coronavirus
  • The last meeting was held in August 2018 in Lahore

There is no consensus on the Indus Water Commission meeting between India and Pakistan. According to sources, India has proposed a virtual meeting with Pakistan in view of the coronavirus. However, Pakistan is insistent on meeting at the attic border. Earlier the proposed meeting had to be postponed due to the Corona virus.

The last India-Pakistan Permanent Indus Commission (PIC) meeting was held in August 2018 in Lahore, Pakistan, in which the Indian delegation was led by PK Saxena, Indian Commissioner of Indus Water.

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Controversy over two hydro-electric projects;

India and Pakistan have long been embroiled in a dispute over two hydro-electric projects. Pakistan has objected to India’s Kishanganga (330 MW) and Rattle (850 MW) hydro-electric projects, saying it is in violation of the provisions of the treaty. At the same time, India says that their construction is perfect and they have been designed according to the guideline of Treaty.

Indus Commission, The Permanent Indus Commission made under Indus Water Treaty (Indus Water Treaty) was signed by India and Pakistan in 1960. Commissioners in both countries were appointed under this commission and they act as representatives of the governments. Due to this treaty, commissioners of both countries have to meet once a year. The meeting is help alternatively in both India and Pakistan.

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 The meeting was to take place on 31 March, 2020
 As per the Indus Water Treaty, the commissioners of both countries were to meet on 31 March every year. However, this meeting was postponed this year in view of the coronavirus outbreak.

Now it is India’s turn to host the meeting, but Pakistan may not abide to it. In the light of the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan regarding the borders of Kashmir, and also the tense situation with China, this dispute only serves to add fuel to the fire.


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