Corona cases cross 25 lakhs in the country:

  • The fastest growth in Brazil was 2.5 million in 155 days, the same number of patients were found in 156 days in America;
  • 52% of corona cases in the world are from only three countries, more than 59% of active cases in these countries;

The figure of Corona patients in the country crossed 2.5 million on Friday. It is a matter of concern that now the rate of patients testing positive every day is the fastest in the world. The average daily number of patients is 60 thousand.

The first case of corona was reported in the country on 30 January. 110 days later, on May 10, this number increased to one lakh. Then the pace of infection increased so fast that in just 88 days this figure has increased from one lakh to 25 lakh. Brazil took the least 155 days to have 2.5 million cases while the US took 156 days.

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Many people are still ignoring these numbers and are focusing solely on the recovery rate, which can prove to be very hazardous in the long run for the country.

 India, America and Brazil alone have 52% of the infected cases;
In the world, more than 21 million people have been infected. Of these, 1.39 crore people have been cured while more than 7.58 lakh patients have died. Of this, 52% of the world’s infected patients are from India, USA and Brazil. Not only this, the number of active cases is also the highest at 59%. 

Lowest testing rate in India

In terms of population, the level of infection is low in India, but the rate of testing is also very low if compared per 10 lakh population. If we compare the testing done in the 10 most infected countries, India is the second country after Mexico where the least number of people are being screened.

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In India, 20,045 infected are found in every 10 lakh population. In the same population, Russia has the highest number of 218,601 people, 206,939 people are being examined in America. In Mexico the number is 8,847.

India is the fourth country in the world where the most deaths occurred

India is the fourth country in the world, where most people have died due to infection. There are 35 patients dying in every 10 lakh people. So far, 48 thousand 517 people have lost their lives in the country. The death rate in the country is 1.99%. The highest number of deaths in the world so far has been in the US. 1.70 lakh people have died here. Brazil is at number two, where 1,05,564 people have died. 

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Despite such numbers people have started to behave normally. This drastic change in attitude towards a pandemic can prove to be very dangerous for the country. The number of people dead due to corona is very close to 50,000. Such figures indicate that the pandemic is far from over and the citizens and government alike should take it extremely seriously.



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