Career scope and advantages of learning advanced Excel online


Microsoft Excel is a powerful data organising platform made to minimise the clutter and maximise the value of data. The platform contains spreadsheets which combine rows and columns for the organisation, calculation, and manipulation of data. As the growth of globalisation and e-commerce is generating huge volumes of data than ever before, companies aim to hire individuals skilled in advanced Excel. Enrolling in an online Advanced Excel training not only opens multiple doors of lucrative jobs but also allows the students of various fields to affordably learn new skills from experts.

Here are a few job roles that advance Excel holds for you —

  • MIS executive – knowledge of Excel is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to work as an MIS executive. Depending from department to department, MIS (Management Information System) executives’ job role differs. Usually, they keep a record of everyday tasks, create monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, and keep their managers updated about the work progress. MIS executives have to deal with a huge amount of data and to do so, they learn Excel formulas and features like calculations, sum function, absolute and relative references, rounding numbers, and auto filter on Excel.
  • Project managers or coordinators – whether it’s an IT or construction industry, project managers are everywhere. From managing vendor lists, financial records, generating reports to keeping an eye on everyday operations, project managers have to be on their toes. They also have to allocate the resources properly and manage the employees to ensure efficient and effective working. While there is a lot of data that project managers have to work on, Excel turns out as a chief companion. Knowledge of Advanced Excel allows them to sort, organise, and manage the data effectively while ensuring minimal wastage of resources and manpower.
  • Market research analysts, digital marketers – for every business, audience and competitor analysis is a must. Market research analysts and digital marketers align their creative and analytical skills to do thorough research on market trends, competitor campaigns, and audience demographics, psychographics, and purchase patterns. Excel allows the professionals to organise the gathered data, analyse, interpret, and present the information in an easily understandable form. Graphs, charts, and other visualisation tools available in Excel allow them to present complicated data aesthetically.
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Apart from these, accountants, auditors, administrative assistants, office clerks, cost estimators, educators, financial analysts, bankers, loan officers, and sales, marketing, and training analysts are few other roles which demand professionals skilled in Microsoft Excel.

Benefits of learning Advanced Excel online

Online trainings shatter geographical barriers and ensure self-paced learning as per one’s convenience. The 4-weeks Advanced Excel online training covers every concept from basic to advanced. Students with little to no knowledge of Excel can enrol in the training and develop their data management skills. Apart from learning to organise, visualize, and automate data using charts, tables, and pivot tables, the students also learn to use financial functions, logical functions, lookup functions, data validation, etc.

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The training is packed with 4 assignments that help the students in learning the latest skills by practising everyday industry usage of MS-Excel. Every assignment focuses on different challenges that can only be solved through the various concepts taught in Excel training modules. During the training program, students work on an industrial project and use all the relevant skills being taught. A professional team of experts helps the students to solve their queries and doubts through the forum. Overall, enrolling in an online Advanced Excel training boosts data management skills and allow the individuals to present data in a meaningful and effective manner in every industry.

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