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Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is one of the country’s most prominent healthcare systems to this date. It relies on natural and physical aspects of life and nature to carry forward its techniques and is based entirely on science. Countless people swear by it and it has proven to be incredibly beneficial over the years which is why we still have it as an active mode of treatment. The ancient practice functions on the differences in bodies, and operates in accordance with the same. It attempts at understanding each and every unique body type to cater to their requirements based on the study.

You must have also noticed that there will always be two categories of people divided by the fact that some put on weight very easily while the others do not, no matter how much they eat. Some easily fall sick, some stay fit regardless of maintenance. Ayurveda draws this distinction by diving into the three body types or doshas that it has recognized- Vata (wind), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water).

On what basis has this distinction been made?

Easily put, the body types are described as the biological energies surrounding the physical body. Thus, the dosha of a person depends as much on their emotional attributes as it does on their physical attributes. In history, most theorists and health thinkers who have put forward their own concepts regarding body type, have done so with physical centrism. For instance, Sheldon gave 3 categories for the same mainly- mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph.

But, so far, Ayurveda is one of the only few that have taken emotions also into account. It indicates the consideration of the practice as it recognizes and acknowledges the significance of the mental on the physical, which makes it an essential and informed healing practice.

That being said, it is of utmost importance to understand the three doshas or body types entirely.

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1) Vata (Wind)

-Vata means air which is why this dosha is associated with easy movement and motion in particular. This dosha governs the motions of the other two doshas and thus, is frequently called the king of doshas. People that fall under this category are categorically lean, textbook definingly skinny and may have visible ribs. They are also described as driven, creative and really energetic, so they have the ability to think outside the box and come up with ideas that are fit both in terms of originality and flexibility.

However, it is possible for them to get easily distracted, as the practices claim. If you find yourself relating to this, you might also be prone to distraction and your emotions might tend to rely on the weather, the people around you and your environment in general.


Furthermore, vata people also tend to get stressed easily, or even overwhelmed and are particularly receptive to the cold weather. If you identify yourself as a Vata, consider maintaining a consistent schedule and practice mindfulness. Meditation, especially, can go a long way in offering the solace that you unknowingly end up looking for. Additionally, Nabhi Sutra sleep inducing and stress relief belly button oil is made from natural ingredients to offer you the most incredibly well rested sleep you will ever have. You just have to apply a few drops on your belly button before you sleep for the magic to take place.

2) Pitta (Fire)

This is the energy that drives digestion and a healthy metabolism in the body. If there is one season that responds to this dosha in maximum capacity, it is summer. This body type is usually for people who have a muscular build, are athletic and of medium height. They are known to be very driven, incredibly goal-oriented and are natural leaders. Their short temper irrespective of their intelligence can lead to conflict and people maintaining distance from them. They tend to have healthy skin and hair and a very good circulation.

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However, they can prove to be impatient in their drive to success, prone to acne and inflammation and can have mood swings that usually come from an endless pit of hunger. If you find yourself relating to this, we highly recommend our Acne Oil to address the situation from its very roots. The oil contains ingredients such as Azadirachta Indica, Mentha Pipertia and Citrus Limonum, which will ensure your skin gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and acne free.

If you find yourself somewhere along the lines mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you work whole-heartedly towards maintaining a healthy work and life balance. Ensure that you voice out what you think, it is essential to do so. Secondly, it is also suggested you avoid extremely hot weather and spicy food.

3) Kapha (Water)

Kapha is the energy that redirects lubrication and building throughout your body which provides it with an elaborate structure and form. This dosha organizes the smooth, graceful functioning of the body and has a lot of energy saved in store which goes into the careful sharpness of movement itself.

People with kapha dosha are relaxed, slow paced, in love with life and nature and are usually calm in their outlook. They tend to be highly communicative and cannot get restricted by judgment. It is easy to talk to them about anything at all and their presence brings a certain element of serenity that the world, especially as high-paced as it is today, is highly attracted to. They are also possessive by nature and thus, have bonds and wealth that go a long way in sustaining them.

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Physically, in terms of appearance, they can have extra weight and a lustrous skin that looks quite healthy. They have large eyes that make them very reliable listeners and are slow eaters with a usually low appetite. They have good stamina and remain happy and calm.

It is recommended they exercise daily, maintain a healthy diet and remain warm because they are prone to loneliness if they do not receive encouragement and motivation as regularly as possible. Further, you might find yourself particularly helped and aided by our Eye Care Oil which contains the goodness of cow ghee and mustard to cleanse your eyes and lessen the strain they face almost every other day owing to the growing use of technology. It will add moisture to your eyes, hydrating them adequately and thus protecting them from fits of dryness and the resulting irritation.


Is this restricted to the definitions?

While Ayurveda has given these 3 body types or doshas as the general prototype that is found in abundance among the public, it also acknowledges the fact that all bodies, and thus by extension, all people, are unique. They have unique strengths and weaknesses and tend to carry unique ailments too. It aims at driving to the roots of those issues but also focuses on the fact that these distinctions carry a very necessary value and are universally acclaimed to be of both sense and purpose.

While there is little evidence to support this, the practice highly supports and encourages that one maintains a healthy schedule that is fit in terms of regularity. It asks them to eat healthy food, focus on their lifestyle and assures that if these little things are sought after, there is no way a person will not be fit and healthy, and in high spirits by the end of it.


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