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Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Airtel Submit Application for 5G Trials

Telecom executives Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have attempted to join hands with questionable Chinese firm Huawei for the upcoming 5G trials. The two operators and Reliance Jio, have presented their programs for the hearings on Wednesday, the last day of application.

From merger-to price hikes, the journey of the telecom industry from...

There is a lot more for the telecom industry in 2020. Although TRAI’s setting up prices for voice and data services and its decision to continue with IUC regime ailing with terrific hikes are positive indicators of the good year but the approval to conduct the next spectrum by the Digital Communications Commission in March-April 2020 is expected to affect the financials of telcos.

Airtel admitted to security flaws in app, data of crores of...

According to reports, security researcher Ehraj Ahmed detected the bug in the Airtel app. This bug could have leaked consumers' names, emails, birthdays and addresses. Airtel...

Do BSNL Users have to Switch to other Operators or Hold...

In October, the government approved the plan to revive the two-loss, making telecom operators BSNL and MTNL. In the process of reviving, it will merge both the operators and the amount that would be incurred to revive the operator would be Rs. 69,000 crores. In the process of reviving the company, both MTNL and BSNL introduced the voluntary retirement scheme. The reason was that a large amount of the income used to go in paying the wage bill. BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019 received an unexpected response, and a lot of employees went on to take the benefit of the scheme. The question here is, Do we as a user switch to other operators or hold on? Last few months have been tough for every telecom companies. To avoid any further loss, the scheme came to merge BSNL and MTNL. However, the government has now thought of giving massive help to both the operators and bring back their life. As per the report, both the operator has around Rs 40,000 crore loss, and BSNL is required to pay the full amount. Damage includes the dues of operational creditors and the vendor. However, this revival plan will help BSNL and bring them back to normal functioning. Seeing the loss and trouble of the company, a lot many BSNL subscriber are switching to different operators or porting their numbers.

Vodafone-Idea has the biggest loss of Rs 50,921 crore in corporate...

Vodafone Idea reported a loss of Rs 50,921 crore in the second quarter due to adjusted gross revenue (AGR). Earlier, the company had a loss of Rs 4,947 crore in the second quarter of last year. This is the largest quarterly loss yet in India's corporate history.

Vodafone services may stop soon as losses increase, company could leave...

In the telecom business these days, there is speculation of UK company Vodafone preparing to exit its business from India. An email sent by...

After Aviation, Telecom Industry to taste the Debt Policy of Government

Telecommunication is one of the boomed markets flourishing at the fastest pace and has also played a major role in the growth of the Indian economy. This connectivity revolution powered the technology giants to reach hundreds of millions of Indian youth to get into its grid creating a golden opportunity to improve their prospects. Then why the Indian government is in an urge to push back the telecom businesses into debts or rather say in the state of bankruptcy? Why can’t it let the sector to be flourishing healthily?

The Supreme Court gave a shock to the telecom companies, they...

In a major setback to Vodafone Idea, Airtel on Thursday, the Supreme Court has ordered them to pay the central government Rs 92 thousand crore. This led to a big drop in shares of telecom companies. The court has said that these companies will have to pay adjusted gross revenue (AGR). There was a long-running dispute between the Department of Telecommunications and the telecom companies regarding this issue.

Jio Ditched Its Users on Diwali, Subscribers will have to pay...

Reliance Jio has announced to take money for calling, giving a big shock to its customers. Jio customers will now have to pay to talk on the phone. According to a Jio statement, Jio's customers will have to pay 6 paise per minute to call another company's network, although calling from Jio to Jio's network will be free as before.
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