Ravi Shankar’s clarification on ‘where is the recession’ – I am sensitive

Ravi Shankar

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has given clarification about the statement of films earning Rs 120 crores in a day. He said that I withdraw my statement. Prasad said, ‘My entire video of media interaction is on social media. Nevertheless I regret to note that a part of my statement was misquoted. As a sensitive citizen, I withdraw my statement.

On Saturday, rejecting the recession report, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that that report (NSSO report on unemployment) is false.

I have given you 10 relevant data, none are present in the report. We never said that we will give government job to all. Some people tried to mislead in a planned way. Prasad had said that had there been a recession in the country, the three films released on October 2 would not have earned Rs 120 crore. The films have earned so much when the economy is healthy. He said, ‘I have a fondness for films. Films are doing big business.

Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar had said, ‘On October 2, three films were released. Film industry experts have said that on the national holiday these three films did a business of Rs 120 crores. Now when the economy of the country is getting a little right, then the return of 120 crores rupees is coming in a day.

This is an old habit of current government, they talk so much absurd, meaningless and baseless points, this is really not at all expected from a well educated law minister and a union minister of current ruling party.

Ravi Shankar

It is well understood that the current ruling party has no words to say on the current situation in the country but they are only spoiling the reputation of their own party as well as the entire country by giving such illogical points.

It is expected that when such high reputed people sitting on such high profile positions speak, they judge their words and think almost three times before uttering the words.


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