Ayodhya case: accusations of Muslim parties, only questions being asked from us, not from Hindu side


During the hearing of the Ayodhya case in the Supreme Court on Monday, the Muslim parties alleged that in this case only we are being questioned, the Hindu side is not being questioned. After the holidays related to Durga Puja, the matter was heard on Monday on the 38th day, and advocate Rajiv Dhawan argued on behalf of the Muslim side.

Appearing before a five-member bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, advocate Rajiv Dhawan said that the Hon’ble Judge did not ask questions from the other side. All questions have been raised only from us. We will definitely answer them. At the same time, senior lawyer CS Vaidyanathan, representing Ramlala, raised objections saying that this is completely a unnecessary comment.

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Dhawan made this remark when the Constitution Bench stated that the purpose of installing an iron grill at the disputed site was to separate the inner porch from the outer porch. The court said that the purpose of installing an iron grill was to separate Hindus and Muslims. It is commendable that Hindus worshiped in the outer verandah where Ram Chabutara, Sita Rasoi, Bhandar Griha are present.

Dhawan said – Hindus only have the right to worship, not the land

Advocate Dhawan, appearing for the Muslim parties, said that the Hindus had the right to enter only and offer prayers at the site and this does not mean that they owned the disputed property. The Supreme Court took cognizance of Dhawan’s statement.

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The bench questioned that as you said that they had the right to enter and worship, does it not diminish your proprietary right. The bench also said that in case of full ownership of the property, can any third party be given the right to enter and worship!

Objection to Subramanian Swamy’s sitting with Hindu parties
Advocate for Muslim parties Rajiv Dhawan objected to Subramanian Swamy sitting in the first row with Hindu parties in the court. He said that visitors are not allowed to come forward from the gallery and the rules should be one for everyone, then how were they allowed to sit next to hindu parties.

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Subramanian Swamy kept quiet on this and even the Chief Justice did not say anything. Dhawan started making his arguments in the Ayodhya case.


It is known that a hearing is to be held in this case by October 17. That is, till then, a total of 41 days of hearing in this case will be completed and a decision is expected in this case on 17 November exactly one month later. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi is set to retire on the same day.


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