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All you need to know about MyCooey

Cooey aims at long term café of its people. It gives the users long-terms care through their digital, mobile-based care coordination framework. Once the users join the network, they can store, collect and analyse their health for long-term care. Their main focus is:

  1. Home Health Care
  2. Senior Care
  3. Managing Chronic disease and
  4. Health conditions that require daily bases care.

 Benefits of using MyCooey

 From storing and retrieving the medical records electronically to getting timely alerts and reminders for health care, it provides the user 24*7 medical care. User can share their experiences on their illness with their closed one and at the same time be connected with their doctors, family members, patients and caregivers.

Data that is stored and collected by the users is further analysed and put to actionable steps which will be helping the users in improving their health, getting overall wellness, and cost-effectiveness.

 The embedded analytics also come to the aid of the care providers in knowing about the patient before they begin the care management process.

 The typical customer profiles include Diabetes Management Company; Cardiac Care Company; Rehabilitation Therapy Company; Oncology Rehabilitation, Senior & Assisted Living; Home Healthcare Agency; Primary Healthcare Center across different geographies, viz., India, USA, and Japan.

 What makes Cooey different from other similar start-ups?

 We are living in a digital world, and there is cut-throat competition among the market players. Cooey is in line with all the recent development and provides its users with smart voice assistant named ‘Maya’. Maya helps the users by simplifying their health care task with just a simple voice command. Additionally, it has the Alexa skills for giving bed-side assistance.

Rules engine powered by their self-developed algorithm empowers the user to customise care plans, trigger events, viz., lifestyle advice, health monitoring, and goal setting and get real-time actionable data, using machine learning and cognitive systems. The platform is ready for quick deployment and would represent the brand & logo of the target customer. Cooey apart from being a self-funded start-up has also received funds through angel investors.

 People behind the working of Cooey

Manu Madhusudanan is Co-founder & CEO of the start-up and is a technology leader. He is having 14 years of senior management experience and oversees product design and product development. He has done B.E. 

He has architected and developed Ad management system for Yahoo & Microsoft and has built an engineering team of NowFloats. 

Additionally, there is Prabhakaran T.P., who is a Co-founder & COO of Cooey. He is a tenacious professional with more than 22 years of experience in Healthcare I.T., understanding of the complex global healthcare industry. Prabhakaran was a founder of Pradot Technologies & XScire Technologies and Chairman of GroupOne Health Source. He drives sales & marketing initiatives.

Future Prospects 

Cooey will focus on the USA, Japan, and India for the next 30 months to penetrate deeper into the market and consolidate: 

  • Appoint a leader for in the USA
  • Strengthening Partnership in Japan who are former CXOs of Qualcomm
  • Team of salespeople recruited in each of the countries
  • Support and operational team for each of the countries predominantly sourced locally
  • The wholly-owned subsidiaries to address legal compliances in the USA and Japan would be sent through partners.
  • Product development would take place from India
  • Deployment in the respective countries locally and comply with legal requirements
  • Product Support from India but customer-facing function and sales will be carried out by local people

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