Vintage collection by East Lifestyle

Vintage Collection fo EastLifestyle

Vintage collections are not just for having a beautiful interior, but they are also an investment. People usually find there Antiques an investment and keep them safe as the money. It acts as an asset for the home and is kept for years.

People who have a love for the right furniture, having an excellent home décor, connection with their age-old things generally find it challenging to manage in a place where everyday new collection come for furniture, car, jewellery, etc.

In every household, there is something or the other that is kept since ages to bring a charm to the collections. The price that these vintage products hold is high and losing them is what people cannot think off. After many years of being kept in the open, regularly used such collection get worn off or they get broken or some stain, etc. So, from where can get them repaired and keep them alive for the generation to come.

Every vintage collection has a story behind it. People are connected to them emotionally and to give for the future generation to come. It has its beauty and impact on the life of people who have a sense of connection with them. Author Bob Richter, in his book Vintage Living, takes us through a trove of beautiful historic homes, illustrating how to live stylishly with the vintage finds and collection. He tells us how it feels to have a vintage collection and to decorate the house with such priced possession.

But who will help us in maintaining these age-old furniture and home décor items? There is a list of places that revive and refurbish your furniture and keep them new. East lifestyle is one such fantastic start-up that will help you to keep your old furniture close to your happy place, ALWAYS.

What is East Lifestyle?

It is an online store that offers its customers not only new but also refurbishes your old furniture and keeps them alive according to your requirement. They use wood and handcrafted material in making the furniture and have a wide range of home décor items.

From sofa to cushion covers, divan to dinning set this place has all for every customer. From design to wood material (they have 28 different wood material for their customers from which they can choose), to the colour of your polish to the fabric, they customize every single detail of the furniture as per the liking and demand of the customers.

 What makes East lifestyle the best among other similar stores?

East Lifestyle believes in maintaining priced pieces of furniture. They provide restoration services for old pieces of furniture. They love their heritage and will help you also to keep your priced pieces which comes with a legacy.

Vintage collection at East lifestyle

East Lifestyle offers a wide range of products which includes;

  • Chest
  • Sofa
  • Divan
  • Side Tables
  • Bed
  • Chairs and many other items

All these are designed using wood and fabric as per the demand of the customers. Occasional chairs are one of the many things that have a vintage look; it is a perfect head-turning occasional luxury chair, with designs as old as generations, adapted to modern style living. The most beautiful models, available in classic colonial as well as contemporary style.

So, why wait for the stock to get over. Visit the online store for more details:

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