Echoing voices of the journalists in Kashmir- 100 days, no internet!


On November 12, 2019, the internet shutdown in Kashmir completed a full 100 days. There is news spurring from the valley that the journalists are out in protest, demonstrating against the internet clampdown which has severely affected their work. The views coming from the valley show the valley-based journalists holding placards at the Press Club in Srinagar. It is reported that the protesting journalists include employees of different organizations of both local and national news agencies. Their demand from the government is to immediately end the ban as it is causing severe impact on their profession and livelihood. The placards read ‘Stop humiliating Kashmiri journalists’ and ‘100 days, no internet’. The protest of the journalist is symbolic as they hold blank laptop screens, sending out a message the prevailing situation in the valley, which has made it very difficult for the journalists to work in the past one-hundred days. Parvez Bukhari, a senior journalist, based out of the valley, remarked that the government ordered internet ban in the region has ‘choked journalism’. He reiterated the demands of the journalists, which is that internet connectivity is restored so that they can work freely.

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