Harsh Reality Check! Indian Education System Fails To Pass With Flying Colors


Right to education is one of the prominent provisions of the Indian constitution. However, many have been devoid of it, even in the 21st century. Those who do have access to academic resources in India, are also not up to the par when compared to education standards globally.

On one hand, we have the prestigious IIT’s and IIM’s. But on the other hand, the schools, be it private or public, have failed to achieve the breakthrough yet! Result? The increasing unemployment and lack of exceptional workforce in private and public sector.

Education not only builds an individual but also the entire nation. The central and state govt. have been working at many levels to reform the present education framework in India.

However, there are still many milestones that need to be reached.

1. Scrap the Rote Learning

We have not moved past the “two oneza two” way of learning in our schools. Even today, A stands for apple and not something else, like airplane. The teachers are repeating the same learning techniques batch by batch. It’s time now that schools should start focusing on conceptual based learning rather than “parrot-fashioned” teaching. Students are able to understand the basics of a subject and are able to retain them better.

2. Evaluation System Based on Class Participation 

How can a child’s potential be judged based on the 3-hours exam?

In our existing academic structure, exams and tests hold utmost importance, overlooking the fact that it might be creating pressure on students’ minds. Freeing students of this burden might help them achieve their fullest capabilities. Schools should include class participation, academic projects, and extra-curricular activities as factors on which a student be evaluated.

3. Every Subject Is Important!

In our country, getting enrolled in science stream is seen as the act of prestige. Students are pushed by parents and teachers to overlook streams like languages, arts and fine crafts. This, more often than not, kills the possibilities of success a student might achieve, had he/she followed his/her own path. Schools should encourage every subject as equal and counsel students for better decision making, based on their inherit flair.

4Teachers Need to Be Trained

Many a times, we come across news, where teachers fail to answer the questions during surprise inspection. While it might amuse some, it is actually a grave condition of teaching standards in our country. Under qualified academic instructors are worse than no teachers at schools. Teacher’s exams and trainings should be made much sturdier so that not just anyone can be given the responsibility of making or breaking a kid’s future.

5Personalize Education For Students

Every student has a different grasping power and pace. Academic institutions need to understand that and stop cramming students in classes. This will allow teachers to observe students more closely and personalise the teaching method as per the students.

It is high time that the Indian education system should introduce these holistic measures at school level.

Sahi Padhega India, Tabhi Toh Badhega India!


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