Seven Sisters: A fresh perspective on North East India


Home to some interesting facts and details about the virgin locales of seven states in east India known as seven sisters. These states comprise – Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya. The corridor which connects these places is recognized with a unique name in itself. ‘Chicken neck’ originally called the Siliguri corridor. Interesting facts about the glorious seven states-

1) These states are unfortunately given the least importance in the textbooks of the Indian curriculum. Unique to the point of unbelievable, these seven states offer rich flourished biodiversity.

2) Northeast India is officially considered the paradise for the flower industry. We have rich biodiversity covering the flora & fauna sufficient enough for the people of the country.

3) National Parks belongs to these Seven Sisters, which are worth a visit by the explorers or the tourists on an adventure.

4) One horn rhino is nowhere to be found in the world except for Northeast. 

5) India, a museum for a variety of tongues spoken. A total of 220 languages are spoken in these seven states. Bengali and Assamese dominate other languages.

6) Highest literacy rates in India fall under the name of Arunachal Pradesh; in fact, it is the highest if compared to the rest of the country. 

7) Did you know that Indian army picks soldiers from the Assam Regiment exclusively from Northeastern states?

8) Meghalaya attracts the most attention because apart of its other specialties it is the world’s wettest place with rainfall of 10,000 millimeters each year.

9)  Northeast is titled as the cleanest region of the country. The residents don’t require reminders in a regular interval as they are aware of their responsibilities. No rules needed for the government: the self-imposed technique works. Don’t be that surprised, that’s how it should be done.


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10)  Last but not least, the Digboi refinery in Assam is the oldest in the world. The same refinery is still operating. The name of the refinery has this funny explanation. It was said that once elephant herds were on their way back from the jungles. A British official spotted elephants with smeared oil on the animal’s feet. That’s when the Britishers got their hint, and they started the process of digging the oil. While the work was in progress, the Britishers instructed and cheered the labors “Dig Boy, Dig.” Now you must have guessed what happened next? Dig Boy turned out to be Digboi. That’s how the name was invented.

India has a vast and unique diversity. Despite being a country with the second-largest population, we manage to maintain the balance between the cultural patterns, Religious Diversity, Racial Diversity, and Linguistic Diversity. We can imagine what a nation is like, which has varied options covering all the criteria.

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