Godrivo.com introduces WhatsApp service as a healthy choice.


Both Delhi and NCR regions lose nearly 42 crore man-hours every month, with people commuting between home and office through public transport, according to reports.

Thousands of people travel every day for extended hours – students, office goers, etc. often in environments that are uncomfortable, overcrowded, and in poorly ventilated buses. Old, young and children, women & men all vying for seats or even a comfortable space to stand.

Imagine this scenario in the current COVID -19 pandemic, a complete nightmare, and a huge health risk to oneself and the people travelling with.

Using cabs and autos could also profess the same risk and expensive, as several people may end up using the same and lack of sanitization or poor sanitization could pose a similar wellness risk.

Therefore, the health implication due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling in public transport may pose many risks to the commuter.

People need to be vigilant and careful about the social distancing aspect and the repercussions one might face in terms of health hazards while travelling in public transports and public places.

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However, people in Delhi & NCR can now rejoice as Godrivo.cm cars has now introduced its services via WhatsApp and phone calls.

One of India’s leading online Automobile Platform for sellers and buyers, Godrivo.com, has been in the business of satisfying car owners and car sellers for the past 15 years.

Car buyers/sellers can avail all services – Finance, Insurance, routine vehicle services through Godrivo.com all managed and delivered by a competent team of professionals, with thorough knowledge of the automobile industry.

You can choose and buy from a large pool and range of Used cars or Certified used cars at the best price or sell your car at an attractive price and avail on the spot payment for your car.

Godrivo.com enables transactions between buyers and sellers and their mission statement ‘bringing transparency and building trust’ is inculcated in every aspect of their business.

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Therefore, with the introduction of their WhatsApp and Call service, they hope to empower both the buyers and sellers, given the current situation due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

The service has been introduced especially keeping in mind the current conditions and hence, both the buyers/seller can and now have the choice to get information and complete a transaction from the comfort of their homes.

With the introduction of WhatsApp  and call service, a client can avail of information on the type, brand, make, etc. all relevant details about the car of your choice within 5 kilometres of their homes.

Hence, clients can without having to venture out, select, and choose the product and service, most suitable for them without attracting the additional health risk of commuting.

Godrivo.com cars have also taken all necessary precautions as required to ensure that their customers are safe and all necessary checks are in place to make the process smooth, hassle-free, and more importantly health risk-free for their clients.

So while public transport may not the best option to indulge in, given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps it is the right time to make an investment that provides a safe and healthy option for your family and you.

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Godrivo.com is in the mode of expansion and is also open to outside investments in their business to make their services better for their customers.


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