New claim on Kim: South Korean officer says – North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is in coma, sister has taken over the reins of the country;


 Jong has already helped her brother run the government. Apart from this, the command of the party is also in the hands of Jong. 

  • Former South Korean officer Chang Song Min claimed that Kim Jong-un is in a coma;
  • Min has been a special assistant to former South Korean President Kim Dei Jung;

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is in a coma. Currently, his sister Kim Yo-Jong is handling the country’s reins. This claim has been made by former South Korean intelligence officer Chang Song Min. Min has been a special assistant to South Korea’s president Kim Dei Jung. According to Min, Kim Jong-un is seriously ill. However, nothing concrete has been said about the disease.

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There were also reports of Kim being seriously ill a month ago. But then, he suddenly came to the fore and put a stop to any such speculations.

Kim in a coma, but alive
During a conversation with the South Korean media, Min said – “according to my information, Kim Jong-un is in a coma at the moment. But, he is still alive. Right now, North Korea is commanded by Kim’s younger sister Kim Yo-Jong. This is not the first time for Jong has taken over the control. In the past, she has supported her big brother in running the government.

When asked why Kim handed over the control to his sister, Min said- Kim has not given power to sister Jong completely yet. At the moment, she has been given this responsibility so that the leadership crisis does not last long and she understands the nuances of running the government properly. Jong, 33, was also reported last month to be the second in the government. However, Kim never publicly declared Jong a successor.

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South Korea seems has a keen eye on the political movements going on in the neighbouring country. As soon as there were reports of Kim being in a coma, a meeting of the National Intelligence Service was held in South Korea. The country’s news agency, Yonhap, said – “There was no surprise from the news of Kim Yo-Jong taking over. This is to happen in times to come. The Central Committee of the Jong Party was already handling the situation”. According to some reports, he had heart surgery in April. He has been more ill since then.

Earlier this year, news of his bad health had circulated all over the world. His continuous absence for weeks left many speculating whether he was still alive or dead. Later he was seen in a public even, squashing all the rumours. This time news of his health has again gone viral, and only time will tell what happens next in North Korea.

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