Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Celebrates its 10th Anniversary


The epic running event, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit, one of the coolest concepts of running introduced to India by Volano Entertainment Pvt Ltd, marks its return with an 8-city rollout. The toughest race in Asia looks at attracting over 50,000 devilslayers. who will test their fitness levels and endurance on a 5km long rugged track, interspersed with 15 challenging obstacles.

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Returning after a 30-month gap due to the pandemic, The Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit will attract athletes and thrill-seekers alike. The winners of the Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Legends Cup in the past, represent an intrepid milieu of army personnel, fitness trainers, and professionals with an affinity and passion towards personal fitness, healthy living and well-being.

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit is a unique disruptive sports property that has already ushered a revolution in the entire fitness and running category mix. Its model encourages camaraderie between runners as they tackle a running track interspersed with military-style obstacles, including high warped walls, barbed wire and ice.

In today’s new post pandemic world, this concept is an even bigger draw for the organisations that are looking for opportunities of connecting and engaging with a diverse employee base. At Devils Circuit, historically over 70% of participants have come from corporate backgrounds and this season the expectation is that this number shall be surpassed. According to previous participants, at the Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit races, everyone works towards the same motto of – ‘leaving no man behind’. The organic camaraderie and team spirit that arises, sets up a perfect way to team build and create deep connections.

Devils Circuit (CPS): Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Season 22-23 | Milled

The Devils Circuit races in India introduced the concept of obstacle running, and in the last 10 years, it has hosted participants from over 200 cities and 30 countries. In fact, the winner of the last Season (2019-20) in the male category, was a German from Berlin – Lucas Kempe – who holds podium finishes in almost all major obstacle races globally. For the previous season, this honour of winning the Devils Circuit went to major Sukhchain Singh, from the 85th Armoured Regiment of the Indian army.

Speaking at the launch of the season, Adnan Adeeb, Founder of Devils Circuit, said, “I am very emotional as we celebrate the 10th year milestone, and I wish to dedicate this coming season of the Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit race to the never die spirit of Indians. In the last 10 years, it has been an absolute privilege to have hosted participants from over 200 cities, and 30 countries. And now with this upcoming season, I have no doubt in my mind that we will fly even higher. I can’t wait to see the start line in Chennai and welcome the first lot of devilslayers for this season”.

A similar thought was echoed by Mr. Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer – Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.: “We truly believe in the potential of this epic event and find tremendous synergies between Maruti Suzuki Swift and Devils Circuit. Designed to appeal to the young and vibrant India, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit builds oneness and camaraderie among participants. Brand Swift has a cult following among the youth owing to its sporty design and powerful performance. It provides an adrenaline rush with its driving dynamics and resonates perfectly with the Devils Circuit, pushing participants to ‘Be Limitless’, just like the Swift.”

Devils Circuit (CPS): Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Season 22-23 | Milled

He added, “Our endeavour with this strategic alliance is to create platforms that allow young and aspiring Indians to break free from the mundane and explore new avenues. We feel Devils Circuit is the right platform for this engagement, we will work together as a team towards a bigger and better experience.”

The concept has grown popular among fitness enthusiasts as well, as more corporates are joining in seeking to build a healthy team spirit and promoting well-being amongst the larger organisation. Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit enjoys participation from individuals across a diverse age group ranging from 16 to 70 years. Designed for those across varying fitness levels, it allows everyone to test themselves in a highly challenging environment.  

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Celebrates its 10th Anniversary - The Week


With a grand prize of a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift up for grabs, in both the male and female participation categories, this fitness race also offers the biggest prize in amateur sports in the country, today.


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