Lack Of Sexual Intimacy Resulting in Failure Of Marriages ?


In essence, marriage is a lifetime commitment between two people. Recently, it has been seen that married couples are having a lot of problems with one another, which is why the divorce rate is rising.

Earlier when life was easy, “sex” was the most vital component of a relationship, but today’s busy lifestyles prevent individuals from spending enough quality time together. Due of scheduling conflicts, a couple’s relationship may contain little to no sexual activity. This causes arguments, emotional disagreements, and a lack of communication between a couple.

It is said that sex is good for the health. It reduces stress, anxiety, reduces blood pressure, and what not! People not only prefer to have sex for reproduction, but for pleasure and intimacy. No doubt! everyone feels the urge to have sex in their life.

Over time, sex in a marriage changes. Sex not only strengthens the marriage but also keeps the two of you attracted to one another. But recently, most of he couple faces the issue in their life because of lack of intimacy and sex in the life. Whatever may be the reason, but it is becoming a major issue in the life of the couple these days. It leads to miscommunication, loneliness, scattered thoughts and anxiety.

Have you ever wondered how long you’ve been with your partner? Thinking? This shouldn’t be the situation if the response is yes. In life, marriage plays a challenging yet lovely function. It is the stage that has the power to either make your life lovely or make you put up with it for the rest of your days. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you would want to make a lovely world for yourself. To make it work, you need to understand your partners thought. At first it will be difficult but once you manage it, nothing can break the bond. To make it work, sex and intimacy plays a vital role. Distance from your partner on the grounds of intimacy can hamper your love life. Its effects are much more pervasive and can be challenging to reverse.

There are times when intimacy entails more than just sex; it also entails an emotional bond. Every person experiences emotional traumas and anxiety issues as a result of not having deep sexual relationships. They become tense, anxious, and unpleasant to the people in their relationships. The emotional connection between the two persons is quite important for a successful relationship and marriage. If a person wishes to feel emotionally linked to their partner, they must first try to understand and comfort them since, as they say, you can’t clap with one hand.

When there’s emotional attachment, there’s love and when there’s love, there must be intimacy. Most of the times, there’s a mismatch of sexual desire between two people, which leads to lack of intimacy between the too.

If sometimes, you’re not feeling like having the intercourse you can still have it, and you’ll not regret it. This is called Maintenance sex. But if you really don’t want to sexually interact you can talk to your partner about it and it’s his or her duty to understand and not force on you.

It is said, Sex that includes love is the best form of love making you can have in your life. So, next time make sure you indulge in proper love while interacting with your partner.

Sex is not the only key to a successful relationship.

Now, weekend curbs only on Sundays in Noida, Ghaziabad Vikas Dubey encounter: Fresh plea in SC seeks removal of members of inquiry commission. Regardless of giving your partner enough sex, if he or she is still cheating then that means he is simply not even emotionally connected to you.

As we say, Sex is not the only key to a successful relationship. Lots and lots of understanding and patience is needed in long term relationships. Forgiveness, trust and respect are other factors which are very important. Sex is only a principal part of happy relationships.

A sexless marriage can only survive if you allow your spouse to get indulged in sex with someone else.

If your partner does not want sex, the first thing you can do is ask them and if necessary you can take a expert’s advice on the same.

Other than sex there are some other reasons why marriages are failing nowadays. For example, sharing the responsibility of children and financial issues.

Communication Gap is also one of the main reasons why marriages are failing.

In this world of competition, everyone is more focused on their career and is least concerned about their relationships. This leads to misunderstandings and failure in relationships.

Relationship failures are so common these days that people are not even taking interest in talking about it.

Relationship failures are leading to depression and anxiety.

Relationship is a pillar of happy life. Every couple deserves to be in a happy and proper relationship. Understanding, Trust, Love and Loyalty is the key to a happy married life. To understand your partner better you must have a sexual connection and then emotional stability.

Another main reason of divorce in India is abusive partners. If your partner is abusive, you must end the relationship without thinking twice. Mental health is important than any relationship.

If you have to maintain a relationship on the cost of your mental health, you must choose yourselves first. Reason behind this is, if you cannot keep yourself happy you can never keep anybody else happy. Therefore, loving yourself is most important.

Not only in marriage, but also in your normal relationships intimacy is very important. Without intimacy you’ll not understand your partner completely. During sex, your partner’s satisfaction is equally important.

Without keeping in mind your partner’s satisfaction you cannot completely connect with them. Connection and intimacy goes hand in hand in every relationship.

A happy marriage is a way to happy heart and healthy family. Spending time with your spouse and giving importance to their views and opinions make them feel comfortable and confident about themselves.

When your partner feels confident, they will make you happy.

It is true that puppy love fades with time. But what remains constant is care for each other.

Therefore, it is important for everyone work on their relationship and keep themselves and their spouse happy sexually, emotionally and mentally.


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