Age Of The Autosexuals: What It Means To Be Sexually Attracted To Yourself


They say self-love is essential. Indeed, it is. But some people practice it a bit more than others. Being your own favourite is different, but there exist people who are attracted to themselves in more than one ways. There exist people who get turned on when they look in the mirror and enjoy nothing more than a steamy night at home alone. Such people are labelled as autosexuals.

Sexuality is fluid, and there are many different sexualities people identify as. Autosexuality is one such identification that is not often talked about.

It’s the notion of being sexually attracted to yourself.

Along with auto-sexuality, there comes the idea of being auto-romantic, i.e. experiencing the relationship with oneself romantically. It could mean being turned on by your own looks and nudity, getting all excited thinking about yourself or masturbating to the idea of oneself. It is all the feelings you could get for a potential partner but yourself.

Who are Autosexuals?

An autosexual is someone whose sexual preference is themselves — likewise, the act of falling in love with your own self.

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But, is it different from being asexual? Obviously yes. Asexuality is when people are not capable of feeling sexual desires toward any gender. Autosexuality is, of course, sexual oriented, just without any partner.

Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, a consultant in sexual medicine and counsellor, defines the term and states that by logic, we are all autosexuals. According to Dr. Rajan, “We are all born autosexuals and most of us remain so, even though supposedly normal heterosexual relationships like marriage, where our personal sexual gratification is more important than our partner’s pleasures, where we simply use each other’s bodies to masturbate through intercourse, because climaxing is what we’re aiming at.”

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Apparently, the autosexuals also find other people sexy or fantasize about them, but they will respond sexually to their own touch. The population of asexuals is very undercounted because they often live in this way without seeking any partners.

The Lady Who Plans to Marry Herself

Ghia Vitale is an autosexual and auto-romantic who recently got engaged to herself! Ghia wrote a piece on Medium, about her journey as an autosexual and her intimate relationship with herself.

The author’s profile defined herself as a “poet, relationship anarchist, polyamorous witch, and feminist punk.”

The piece she wrote read that “Autoromanticism and autosexuality have been ubiquitous in my peripheral landscape from as early as 13 years old.”

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“I can recollect having just gotten out of the shower. I was beholding at myself in the mirror and getting very attracted to the view.”

Vitale went on to say, “My sexual and romantic orientations turn just about any ordinary activity into a full-blown date. For me, a walk through a graveyard is more than a relaxing stroll through a death sanctuary. I alternate between admiring the tombstones and admiring myself.

“Something as simple as lotioning my body can turn into a sensual, sexual moment.”

Ghia writes, “I take myself out for coffee, go on walks in nature, dress in lingerie and cuddle up to myself, or sit in the darkness and bask in my own presence.

“Sometimes, I light candles and do sensual dances for my own entertainment.”

Ghia got engaged to herself in March 2017, and now she is all set to tie the knot soon, media reports said. She had become aware of her sexuality at the age of seven.


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