Secrets You Should Never Hide From Your Partner


Keeping secrets is not new. I mean we all keep secrets and secrets not always mean that they are dark. When two people are in a relationship bonded with love and trust, there are few things which are always better when confessed. There is a very thin line of difference but yes there is difference between privacy and mystery. So, this article is completely dedicated to people who are somewhat confused on which secrets you should never hide from your partner. 

Let us get started!

10 Secrets You Should Never Hide From Your Partner


Discuss if you find your partner not putting equal efforts


No good has ever happened by keeping things from your partner. Especially, when it is about the fact that you think, your partner is not putting equal efforts in the relationship. We advise partners to talk about is because, most of the things just need a warm talk to get back normal like it always was. 

If you are addicted to drugs/Tobacco/alcohol


One of the most important secrets you should never hide from your partner is your addiction to drugs/tobacco or alcohol if any. There will be times, when you will think this as not an important topic for discussion. However, if you ever want to get rid of this addiction in your life, your partner needs to know the truth in order to support you. 


Are you running out of money?


The next one of the most important secrets you should never hide from your partner is whether you are running out of money or digging the grave of debt. No, this will not bring you embarrassment. Rather, you can work out with your partner for some money-saving master plan. You and your partner should work like a team!

If you are not fit to conceive 


Once you are married, starting family is one of the most important thing that a couple is always looking forward to. If you have just come to know about the difficult in conceiving, then don’t just hide and sulk alone. Instead share with your partner. It will make your bond grow more stronger. After all, taking care of each other was the promise you both made to each other on the wedding day. 

Share you stress and discuss mental health

If you are not having a sound mental health or you are dealing with some stressful situations in life on the personal or professional front, you should not hide. If you choose to hide this, the stress will make sure it reflects in your behavior. This in turn will try to harm your relationship with the partner. Therefore, it is always better to share such things so that you can get the much needed support from your partner. 

If you are not happy in bed


Another secrets you should never hide from your partner should include telling if you are not happy in bed. There is no need to shed tears of awkwardness for this kind of talk. It is quite normal for people to not get what they are actually expecting between the sheets. Therefore, grab a chilled beer or a hot soothing mug of tea/coffee and talk. You never know, which quality of your partner may surprise you like never before. 

Share all your family secrets


Either your are married or you are about to marry your partner it is always a better option to share your family secrets in advance. If such things come out of surprise, then such secrets may have the potential to shadow your relationship with your partner as well. Therefore, family secrets are one of those secrets you should never hide from your partner. 

Were you married before?


We completely understand that the fact of you being married before should do nothing with your current partner. However, it is always better to share such secrets before, they reach your partner through other means. Having confidence and trust over one another is very important in every relationship. 

Sexual desires


We are no longer living in the world where discussing about your sexual desires is a hush-hush topic. Rather, these days most of the sexologist and relationships experts suggest partners to openly talk about their sexual desires. Discussing such things also reduces the possibilities of cheating your partner. 

Things you are vulnerable to


Last but definitely not the least one another important secrets you should never hide from your partner is your vulnerabilities. You should always inform your partner about the things you fear and are vulnerable too. 

These were the secrets you should never hide from your partners. In case, if you want to add some, don’t forget to e-mail us or comment in the section given below. 


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