Inclusive Excellence: Modi’s Gujarat School Embraces Students Nationwide


In an unprecedented move aimed at igniting the spark of transformation in young minds, the school in Vadnagar, Gujarat, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi received his early education, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Redefining its purpose as “Prerna: The Vernacular School,” this redevelopment project is set to inspire students to become catalysts of change. As part of a week-long study tour, two students from each district in the country will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich educational environment of this historic institution.Narendra Modi's Primary School to Become 'Inspirational Centre'; Students to Visit From Across India

Empowering the Future: Modi’s Vadnagar School Redefined as “Prerna: The Vernacular School” to Inspire Students Nationwide

The endeavor to redevelop the school holds immense significance, as it is the first of its kind in India. Its primary objective is to cultivate a deep sense of inspiration and instill core values in students, empowering them to shape a brighter future. The vision is to create a school that embraces the best practices of the future while remaining rooted in the essence of education. Located in Vadnagar, the very place where Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s journey began, the school aims to kindle the spirit of aspiration and innovation in every Indian, spanning across the 740 districts of the nation.

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Founded in 1888, the school served as a symbol of knowledge and learning for generations. However, in 2018, it ceased operations, awaiting a new chapter that would breathe new life into its halls. The current initiative, “Prerna: The Vernacular School,” marks a pivotal turning point in the school’s history, transforming it into a beacon of educational excellence that will inspire generations to come.Gujarat: PM Modi's school to be developed as 'Prerna' as part of Mega Vadnagar Development Plan

The revitalization process of the school involves the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which is dedicated to preserving and restoring the historical and cultural heritage of Vadnagar. The ASI’s meticulous efforts will ensure the school’s architectural integrity while infusing it with a renewed sense of purpose and identity. Simultaneously, the Gujarat government is contributing to this transformative endeavor by developing an Archaeological Experimental Museum in Vadnagar, further enriching the educational landscape of the town.

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The redevelopment project is not limited to physical restoration alone; it encompasses a broader vision of experiential learning. Each batch of students at “Prerna: The Vernacular School” will comprise approximately 30 individuals, chosen through a selective process that is yet to be determined. The emphasis will not solely be on traditional teaching methods but rather on fostering an immersive and hands-on educational experience. The school will serve as a dynamic learning environment, where students can actively engage with their surroundings, developing a deep understanding of their cultural heritage and the significance of education in driving social progress.

Vadnagar, with its rich historical heritage, holds a special place in India’s ancient past. The town’s archaeological excavations conducted by the ASI in 2014 revealed fascinating insights into its early defense structures, innovative water management systems, flourishing shell bangle industry, and robust trade connections. These discoveries highlight Vadnagar’s historical significance as an important Buddhist learning center and fortified town.

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Transformative Inclusive Excellence: Modi’s Gujarat School Wholeheartedly Embraces Empowered Students Nationwide

Modi launches Mission Schools of Excellence in Gujarat - The Hindu

As a testament to the town’s historical prominence, a documentary showcasing the excavations in Vadnagar will be released on over-the-top platforms such as Prime Video and Discovery Channel. This documentary aims to shed light on the profound historical and cultural heritage of Vadnagar, raising awareness about its rich legacy.

The redevelopment of the school in Vadnagar into “Prerna: The Vernacular School” represents a transformative endeavor that seeks to inspire students and instill in them the values and knowledge necessary to become agents of change. The fusion of modern educational practices with the town’s rich historical tapestry creates an environment where students can learn, grow, and contribute to the progress of the nation. Through this initiative, the visionModi launches Gujarat govt's Mission Schools of Excellence

aries behind the redevelopment project aspire to unleash the potential of every Indian student, fostering a generation that is driven by a passion for learning, innovation, and positive transformation.


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