Questions to ask yourself when you are falling for a married man


No woman in the whole world would like to be called a mistress. However, this is what a woman is called when she falls for a married man. This situation of falling in love with a man who is already married can be very stressful. It is because there are so many questions running in your mind, and you are in the dilemma of what is right and what is wrong. Here we are to take some of your stress away. Below-mentioned are some of the questions you should ask yourself when you are falling for a married man. 

Questions you should ask yourself if you love a married man


1. You should ask yourself that are you actually prepared for stealing something which is not even yours. Also, there may come a day in future when you will have to return the thing to whom it belonged. Later, all you will be left with is broken heart, yearning emotional and physical attachment which will not be easy to forget. Are you actually ready for falling in love with a married man?


2. The next question to ask yourself if you are falling for a married man is that, will you be able to take the curse of the existing family of the man? Will you be able to deal with the fact that you just broke someone’s already existing family? It is very important to ask this because, once you want to settle with a man who is already married, you will be stealing him from the people to whom he actually belonged with. 

3. Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with the fact that the man you love already had a past and a wife who had left everything behind for him. Will you ever be able to get over that?

4. You need to ask yourself that are you strong enough to handle this? It is because, this will not be easy. The society will always look down upon you as a woman who caused damage to other woman’s existing family and thus ruined her life. 


5. Are you ready to be called a second woman whole your life? Have you accepted the fact that no matter what you do in future, there will always be some people who will not accept you? 

Some more questions to ask yourself before you fall more for the married man


6. When you are falling for a married man, you should always be prepared for a situation that there can come a day when another woman will walk in his life and take him away from you just the way you did? Will you be able to handle that?

7. Get on terms with the reality. There will be no single day in your life where you will feel that the married man you feel in love with will treat you with more priority than his children. You can always steal a husband but not a father. 


8. The next question on the list to ask yourself is that, will be able to deal with the fact that there will be somethings in life where you both will never be on the same page and you cannot be his only important person. 

9. Are you prepared for his divided attention whole your life?

10. Last but not the least, you should also ask yourself if the fact that this will not be his first marriage unlike you will be okay with you. 



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