JNU Case prime example, Go-Mutra and Gobarism making education system stinky

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Educated population together make the country literate. Hence the education system has to be healthy and supportive. This is what our government needs to understand. After muddling with almost every sector of India, the government’s corrupt politics has stuck its eye on the education sector, and Jawahar Lal University has been the opener.
JNU recently announced a latest fee hike which would increase rent for a single-occupancy room to Rs 600 per month (partially rolled back to Rs 200) from Rs 20, while double-occupancy was to rise to Rs 300 (pushed back to Rs 100) from Rs 10.

This announcement on fee hike created havoc among the university students and their families. To protest against this decision, JNU students began a protest march. The police to stop them started ‘Lathi charge’ in which one of the visually impaired students was brutally hurt.
Which law allows police to beat students? I think the Indian government does. It shows how responsible our Delhi police is? They were so helpless to find some other way to stop students. To add on, police said that if he is blind, why did he came to protest?

In the country where we talk about equality, the police are surely playing its part well. Students protested and want police to apologize. They while marching towards police headquarters were taken to Vasant Kunj Police station where they were to demonstrate the ‘Lathi charge’ of Delhi police.

The JNU visually impaired students’ forum had called for a demonstration against lathi charge by Delhi police and demanded justice for disables. According to them, this violation is a clear cut violation of the United Nation’s Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2006 and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2016 act. The police denied these allegations on 18th November levelled by some students during the protest for a complete rollback in fee hikes.
Initially few students were attending classes in College but after the ‘Lathi Charge’, the students stopped attending any official or unofficial class till the matter gets solved. Meanwhile, students from Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) ’s JNU and Delhi University, and Jamia Millia Islamia unit also held a protest march.

“ABVP is against the ongoing series of fee hikes across several educational institutions and would request their respective administrations to refrain from such inexcusable conduct,” said Siddharth Yadav, secretary of ABVP Delhi.

A journalist at Zee News, Sudhir Chaudhary in an attempt to make things worse misidentified a student Pankaj Kumar Mishra as a 45-year-old JNU student but was later confirmed that he is 30 years old and has recently enrolled in M Phil program of Social Medicine and Community Health in JNU earlier this year. He was previously working within the public health sector under the NITI Aayog.

See how the time changes, a man who was himself was held accused of extorting Rs 100 crores from Congress MP for removing the stories of Jindal group from Colgate is blaming the students for being over-aged. Being a graduate and a diploma holder in journalism, he should know that for postgraduate or higher degrees, the age limit of 30 is quite normal. This so-called mistake is not expected from a high-profile journalist.

Swami Subramanian, a renowned economist, lawyer, mathematician, and politician, said that the extremist has converted hostels in brothels. People at the age of 30-35 yrs are living in hostels because they fail in the exam. The drastic measure would be to shut down the university for 2 years and clean up the mess and restart the university with a new name perhaps. It will be called Jawahar Lal University or Subhash Chandra University According to him, every campus in the university should have a police station as it is in universities in the US.

First thing, someone, please remind him that JNU is the same university from where 15 students represented India nationally and internationally. The low fee structure attracts more and more students to pursue graduation and PG courses and expose their talent. Secondly, JNU was ranked No 2 the National Institutional Ranking Framework, Government of India, in 2107. Shutting down of JNU will spoil the future of thousands of students studying there.

To support this protest to demand rollback of the latest fee hike, students from Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) ’s JNU and Delhi University, and Jamia Millia Islamia unit held a protest from Mandi House to Parliament on Thursday demanding complete rollback of the hostel fee hike in JNU.

After all, everyone has their own opinion. But besides all these controversies and allegations showing up in news from different high-profile bureaucrat and reporters, one question is still left unanswered. What is the need for a fee hike in universities when every Indian is paying tax? Everything was going fine, and there were not any issues regarding the monetary deficit in JNU then how this fee hike idea aroused? This is a conspiracy of the government to earn more revenue.

Students were hurt, barricades broke, Dharna took place, Statue of Swami Vivekanand vandalized but who cares. Whether it is excluding cash cows like petroleum products from the GST regime, getting toll for construction of roads, tax on eatables or cosmetics, our government never leaves any chances to fill their bags with extra income even if they have to go out of the box.

We pay tax on everything except breathing without any complain just to make things easier for our kids. But I think the ministers of our country think another way round. They have not left even the education system, which is the root cause of any country to flourish. Instead of considering colleges a temple of education, they are making the source of their revenues.
If our so-called educated ministers are aware that there are many countries, to increase the literacy level, besides offering free or minimal cost education offers free basic facilities such as providing books, dresses, and food. They should compare our education system with them and not from the ones who take this as a source of revenue.

The irony is we are already paying 30% of our income as tax and these couch potatoes considering themselves the social workers of or ministers are not ashamed of going to any extent to satiate their hunger for money.

Already the matters of bankruptcies, statue making, privatization, etc. have been shaking the Indian economy, but the quench to drink common man’s blood is still pending. They consider spending thousands of crores of money on construction of Ram Mandir and creating statues at the cost of the country’s future. Go-Mutra and Gobarism are running in their minds which, as a result, are coming out with stinky ideas. This happens only in a country of illiterates who have never been to schools or colleges and got good positions by the approach of their acquaintances.

This hierarchy of misdeeds has to be stopped. To remove the tag of a developing country and to become a developed one, strict measures are must to be taken. Education has to be given priority to raise the level of literacy in India and should be provided free of cost. Health care facilities should also be offered free to eradicate epidemic conditions making India a healthy India. The illiterate politicians should be replaced by well-educated ones who know the in and out of the country and are capable of making the right decision at the right time. It’s high time to revive the country norms else the day is no far when we will be forced to pay for breathing too.


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