Congress MLA’s Emotional Return to Former Workplace as Peon Triggers Nostalgia


Congress MLA’s Heartwarming Return to Former Workplace as Peon Evokes Sentimental NostalgiaTN Congress MLA dead; Rahul, Kharge Express Condolences

Devendrappa, hailing from a tribal family in Chikmammanahatti village of Jagaluru taluk, dedicated more than three decades of his life as a peon at a private educational institution. In a touching gesture, the newly-elected Congress MLA, B Devendrappa, revisited the Amara Bharati Vidya Kendra in Jagalur, where he once served diligently. With great reverence, he personally swept the school verandah, tidied up the principal’s office, and symbolically rang the school bell to mark the beginning of the academic year.

Having started his humble journey as a peon at the Kendra in 1983, Devendrappa remained committed to his duties until his retirement in 2013. His political career took shape when the Janata Dal (Secular) offered him a ticket, leading to his first electoral contest in 2018, which unfortunately ended in defeat.

In 2022, he made the decision to join the Congress party, and despite stiff competition for the Jagalur MLA ticket in the upcoming 2023 assembly elections, Devendrappa emerged as the chosen candidate. He secured a narrow victory, defeating BJP MLA S V Ramachandra by a mere 874 votes.

Devendrappa’s inspiring journey from a tribal background and his dedication to his children’s education have garnered attention. Despite the challenges posed by poverty, he prioritized providing his children with the tools for success. Today, his elder son has completed his MBBS degree and serves as a doctor in Sokke and Bidarakere villages, while his younger son achieved a remarkable feat by clearing the highly competitive UPSC examination. He now holds the prestigious position of an IRS officer and currently serves as the State Commissioner of the Income Tax Department.Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge credits Bharat Jodo Yatra for win in  Himachal

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On the day of his visit, Devendrappa not only cleaned the corridors but also extended his well wishes to the students. Reflecting on his journey, he stated, “I started working as a peon, and I will never forget the hardships of those days. Even though I have been elected as an MLA, I have no hesitation in performing my previous duties.” The MLA expressed his gratitude to the school staff for allowing him to participate in the cleaning activities and inaugurate the new academic year.

Devendrappa’s heartfelt return to his former workplace as a peon serves as a poignant reminder of his humble beginnings and the values that have shaped his remarkable journey. His commitment to his community and dedication to his responsibilities as an elected representative inspire admiration and respect.

The sincerity of Devendrappa’s actions and his deep-rooted connection to his humble origins have touched the hearts of many. His decision to return to the Amara Bharati Vidya Kendra and take on the role of a peon once again symbolizes his unwavering commitment to his past and the arduous days he endured. While his current position as an MLA may carry prestige and authority, Devendrappa remains grounded and unafraid to embrace the work he performed before entering politics.Digvijaya Singh Detained In Bengaluru After Failed Attempt to Meet Congress  Rebels In Karnataka Resort - News Nation English

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As he swept the corridors and prepared the school for the new academic year, Devendrappa’s reminiscence of his earlier struggles resonated with onlookers. The school staff graciously allowed him to partake in these tasks, highlighting the mutual respect and admiration between Devendrappa and his former workplace. His actions serve as a powerful testament to the values of humility, hard work, and dedication.

Devendrappa’s journey from a tribal background to the esteemed position of an MLA showcases his determination to overcome adversity and create a better future for himself and his family. Despite facing financial hardships, he prioritized his children’s education, recognizing it as a vital tool for their success. The achievements of his sons, one as a doctor and the other as an IRS officer, stand as testament to the impact of Devendrappa’s unwavering support and guidance.

The sincerity and humility displayed by Devendrappa in returning to his former workplace speak volumes about his character and his commitment to serve his community. His actions transcend political boundaries and evoke a sense of unity and compassion. Devendrappa’s story serves as an inspiration to individuals from all walks of life, encouraging them to remain connected to their roots and never forget the struggles that shaped them.Karnataka: Disqualified Congress MLA MTB Nagaraj holds MLA Byrathi Suresh  responsible for Siddaramaiah's son's death - Opindia News

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The heartwarming nature of Devendrappa’s visit and his dedication to his duties as both an MLA and a former peon have garnered widespread admiration. His actions exemplify the values of integrity, humility, and service to others. Devendrappa’s story reminds us that no matter how high we climb in life, it is essential to stay grounded and connected to our beginnings. His commitment to his community and his continuous efforts to make a positive impact are testaments to his character and the values he upholds.

In a world often consumed by ambition and self-interest, Devendrappa’s gesture serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of humility, gratitude, and the recognition of one’s roots. His story resonates with individuals who strive for success without losing sight of their humble beginnings. Devendrappa’s journey from a peon to an MLA is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and the potential for individuals to make a meaningful impact in their communities.


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