Scorching Heatwave Alert: IMD Weather Forecast for Next 5 Days in Delhi Reveals Intensifying Heat


Last month, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted a normal to below normal monsoon in northwest India, indicating the possibility of drier and hotter days ahead. In line with this forecast, the IMD has announced that temperatures in Delhi are expected to rise significantly in the coming days. While no heatwave warning has been issued, certain isolated areas may experience intense heat.

The region is anticipated to witness dry weather and clear skies. Concurrently, the IMD predicts the southwest monsoon’s progression into Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu within the next 48 hours. Additionally, the northeastern states will receive monsoon showers due to a low-pressure area over the northeast Bay of Bengal. The IMD’s extended range model guidance suggests improved rainfall activity in northwest India during the fourth week of June and the first week of July.

Delhi to get hotter in next 5 days, monsoon to enter these states in 48 hours. See IMD full forecast | MintNortheast India is likely to witness heavy downpour on Friday, particularly in Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura. In the upcoming week, the region can expect rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms, lightning, and gusty winds. Heavy rainfall is predicted over Assam and Meghalaya on Monday and Tuesday, with Manipur and Mizoram experiencing similar weather conditions on Saturday and Monday.

Potential Impacts on Agriculture, Water Resources, and Public Health: IMD’s Forecast Raises Concerns Amidst Anticipated Drier and Hotter Days in Northwest India

Kerala and coastal Karnataka will witness heavy rains over the next three days, while Lakshadweep will experience similar conditions in the next two days. Sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim should brace for an extremely heavy downpour lasting from Sunday to Tuesday. Furthermore, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands will receive significant rainfall from Friday to Sunday. Meanwhile, the rest of India is not expected to undergo any drastic weather changes in the coming week, according to the IMD.IMD weather forecast for next week. Check predictions on rainfall, heatwave state-wise | Mint

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The central regions of India will witness a drop in maximum temperatures by 2-3°C over the next two days. However, certain parts of Bihar will experience severe heatwaves from Friday until Tuesday, and the Gangetic West Bengal region will also face similar conditions during the same period. Odisha, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh may encounter heatwaves for the next three days, while Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, and Andhra Pradesh will face them on Friday and Saturday.

In Delhi, the Safdarjung Observatory, the national capital’s primary weather station, recorded a minimum temperature of 27.3 degrees Celsius on Friday, which is normal for this time of the year. The maximum temperature is expected to reach around 41 degrees Celsius. Daytime hours will be characterized by strong surface winds, while very light rains are likely during the night.IMD Predicts Temperature Rise In North West India, Heatwave Alert Issued For Bihar, West Bengal | Check Weather Forecast

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As the monsoon season begins, the IMD’s weather forecast indicates challenging conditions in Delhi and Northeast India. The predicted rise in temperatures in Delhi, combined with drier days and clear skies, suggests the need for precautions against heat-related issues. The varied rainfall patterns across Northeast India highlight the importance of preparedness for heavy downpours, thunderstorms, lightning, and gusty winds in different regions. It is crucial for residents and authorities to stay informed and take necessary measures to ensure safety and minimize the impact of adverse weather conditions.

Escalating Heat and Varied Rainfall Patterns: IMD Weather Forecast for Next 5 Days Highlights Challenging Conditions in Delhi and Northeast India

In addition to the specific weather conditions outlined by the IMD, it is essential to recognize the broader implications of these forecasts. The IMD’s previous prediction of a normal to below normal monsoon in northwest India sets the stage for potentially drier and hotter days in the region. This forecast carries significant implications for various sectors, including agriculture, water resources, and public health.Delhi-NCR Weather Forecast: Heatwave For Next 5 Days, IMD Issues Yellow Alert In Delhi

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The anticipated dry weather in Delhi and the surrounding areas can lead to an increase in water scarcity, as the demand for water rises amidst soaring temperatures. It becomes crucial for individuals and authorities to conserve water and implement efficient water management practices to mitigate the potential impact of water shortages. Furthermore, the lack of rainfall can adversely affect agricultural activities, posing challenges for farmers who rely on adequate precipitation for their crops’ growth and sustenance. Proper irrigation techniques, crop diversification, and the use of drought-resistant varieties become crucial strategies in such circumstances.


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