“We Have To Rebuild Our Country”: Viral Conversation Between Afghanistan Girl and Her Father About School Attendance Sparks Hope


“We Have To Rebuild Our Country”: Viral Conversation Between Afghanistan Girl and Her Father About School Attendance Sparks Hope

In a playful manner, the man teased his daughter by jokingly stating that schools in Afghanistan were exclusively for boys.


Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the group has implemented regressive measures, including the prohibition of girls from attending school. This has caused great distress among girls in the country who aspire to receive an education. A video has gone viral, featuring a heartfelt conversation between a young girl and her father, where he jokingly tells her that school is exclusively for boys.

In the video, the Afghanistan father playfully asks the girl why she is upset with him. She responds by expressing her disappointment, stating that he had previously mentioned that she would not be allowed to go to school. The father then continues the playful banter, declaring that he will only enroll her brother in school, emphasizing that education is exclusively for boys and not for girls.

The video serves as a poignant representation of the aspirations and challenges faced by young girls in Afghanistan who yearn for access to education. It highlights the stark reality that the recent actions of the Taliban have severely limited the opportunities available to girls in pursuing their dreams and receiving an education.

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In response to her father’s remark, the girl bravely asserts that girls should also have the right to attend school. She challenges the notion that fighting and destruction are skills exclusive to men, stating that men have been responsible for causing destruction in various places. When her father inquires about the locations that have been destroyed, she urges him to witness for himself the devastation that has occurred, from Kabul to Kandahar which are places in Afghanistan.

The girl’s response showcases her awareness of the impact of conflict and the destruction it has caused in their country. Her statement highlights the need for education and emphasizes the importance of peace and progress in rebuilding and preserving their communities.

In summary, the young girl fearlessly advocates for the inclusion of girls in education, challenging the stereotypes perpetuated by her father. She points out the destructive consequences of conflict and urges him to observe the devastating impact it has had on their country, underscoring the importance of education and the desire for a better future.

The young girl confidently countered her father’s assertion by highlighting the roles and capabilities of women. She stated that women typically stay at home and have not been responsible for causing destruction in Afghanistan. However, she emphasized that women are fully capable of attending school and gaining an education. When asked about her aspirations, she expressed her desire to become a doctor, engineer, or teacher. She recognized the importance of education in rebuilding their country and creating a better future.

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Her response showcases her determination and ambition, challenging the societal norms that restrict women’s opportunities. She believes that women should have access to education, and by pursuing careers in fields like medicine, engineering, and teaching, they can actively contribute to the reconstruction and development of their country.

In summary, the young girl confidently spoke about the roles of women and their right to education. She expressed her own ambitions to become a professional and contribute to rebuilding their country. Her words reflect her strong belief in empowering women through education and their crucial role in shaping a brighter future.

The Afghan, an Instagram page, shared the video featuring the young girl and accompanied it with an inspiring caption. The caption highlighted the father’s playful remark about school being only for boys, but it emphasized the remarkable response of the girl, who eloquently defended the importance of education for everyone, irrespective of gender. It acknowledged that education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all Afghanistan girls.


The caption further lamented the unfortunate reality that Afghanistan girls have been denied access to schools and universities for over a year. It emphasized that denying girls their right to education not only hampers their personal growth but also impedes the progress of the entire nation. The caption praised the girl’s courage and emphasized that her voice represents the collective longing of countless Afghanistan girls for equal educational opportunities.

Since its posting on Thursday, the video has garnered 2.47 lakh (247,000) views. Netizens who came across the clip were both inspired by the girl’s response and saddened by the circumstances she and other Afghanistan girls face.

In summary, The Afghan, an Instagram page, shared the video and expressed admiration for the girl’s intelligent and passionate response defending the importance of education for all. The caption shed light on the denial of educational opportunities for Afghanistan girls and highlighted the impact it has on personal growth and national progress. The post resonated with viewers, garnering significant attention and evoking both inspiration and sadness among netizens.

Users in Afghanistan and worldwide, expressed their admiration and support for the girl and her father in the comments section. One user praised the father for raising a brave, intelligent, and fierce girl, highlighting that his playful remarks were intended to bring out her courageous side. The user expressed heartbreak over the shattered dreams of many young girls who aspire to achieve more than being confined to their homes and denied the basic right to education.

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Another user applauded the parents for their forward-thinking mindset and wished for divine assistance in rebuilding their country. The comments reflect the empathy, appreciation, and hope of individuals who recognize the importance of empowering girls and providing them with equal opportunities for education.

In summary, users expressed their admiration for the father’s parenting approach and the girl’s courage. They lamented the dreams that have been shattered due to the denial of educational opportunities for young girls. The comments conveyed support, empathy, and hopes for a brighter future in which girls in Afghanistan can freely pursue their aspirations and contribute to rebuilding their country.


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