Things to keep in mind before starting your first job


Firstly, we must raise a toast to you for making it to your first ever job.The first job is always memorable in our lives. But it can be difficult for some people as they venture into unknown territory. It is important to keep certain things in mind, before we set out and start our journey in the corporate world. There are many challenges and hurdles that people face in their first jobs, but we have got you covered.

1. Once you start working, you will realise that you pretty much have no time to do anything else. You may end up longing for the weekends to chill, week after week.

2. A job is different from a career. Take your time to decide where you see yourself in the next 10 years and keep achievable long term and short term goals. This is not some annoying activity your parents ask you to think about, it is how life works. Once you’ve decided, then please choose the field that leads to it.

3. If you can’t find your desired job, it is okay to pick up a gig or a job that pays well and gives you time to pursue your interests. Usually companies make a fuss about you not having experience in their field despite you having worked somewhere else for a year. If you’re good at networking and marketing yourself, you might land up that dream job pretty soon.

4. A lot of students feel the need to start work immediately after their final exams, due to either family or peer pressure. But work life can be exhausting and get repetitive, with minimal holiday opportunities. So take some time off–a month or even two–to relax and prepare yourself for a hectic life ahead.

5. Some companies are strict and stringent when it comes to leaves, except your weekly offs. So at times it might as if they are doing a favour on you by giving you leaves. Your leave applications may be be turned down, or you might be asked to cut short your holidays. Be in touch with the HR of your company and put forth your stand firmly, yet in a civil manner.

6. We understand that it is not always easy for people to gel with new people. It will take some time before make friends at the workplace. It depends on everyone and not just one person. You might left out if your work bff quits and joins elsewhere. It doesn’t mean you should quit too, but instead try and be comfortable with the new joinees.

7. No matter even if you a fresher and inexperienced, you must always negotiate your first salary. You must discuss factors like travel, rent, necessities and other responsibilities, to make your employer aware that your expenditure is triple of what they are offering and they should meet you halfway. Although this might not be fruitful for all, but at least you would’ve tried.

8. A job will give you more insights in your field and exposure, more than your degree and education ever can. Hence, it is important to take up a job irrespective of your education qualifications.

9. Most of the jobs these days have flexible working hours and shifts, so late nights, graveyard shifts have become a part of almost every industry and job.

10. And finally and most importantly, Relax!! And pamper yourself a bit. You may be in for some long hours (not to mention information overload!), so treat yourself to that massage or beach day while you can, on the weekends especially. You’ll be relaxed, rejuvenated, and organized—and ready to start that new adventure.

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