Two American women caught with satellite phone at the airport, detained on the airport for inquiry


A satellite phone was recovered from two American women on Friday at Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Varanasi. On the information of CISF, both the local intelligence unit and the police team have taken the women to Phulpur police station for questioning.

According to preliminary information, both women have been visiting India. Both came to Varanasi from New Delhi by train. From Babatpur Airport, They were to fly to New Delhi by an Indigo plane.

Both said that they were not aware that satellite phones were banned in India. Intelligence and police teams are interrogating both the women as well as checking the satellite phone recovered from them.

Susan Mona Stein, who hails from United States of America at the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, arrived at the airport to fly from Varanasi to Delhi from Varanasi at 6:55 am in the morning, along with a female friend.

During the hand baggage screening, CISF personnel recovered a satellite phone from a Susan Mona Stein during a security check. During interrogation, she was unable to show any valid documents for carrying the satellite phone.

Subsequently, CISF seized the Garmin satellite phone under the Wireless Telegram Act due to a ban on satellite phones in India and handed over the two women to the Phulpur police station. During interrogation of both women at the police station, it was found that they had brought these satellite phones by mistake, they were not aware that the satellite phone is banned in India.

According to the information, both American women first came to Delhi via China, then Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan. Then came to Varanasi from there. She was going to Delhi on Friday after spending two to three days in Varanasi. Although satellite phone is valid in their country.

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