The Weirdest sexual disorders that you won’t believe exist


Having weird sexual fantasies can be kind of fun sometimes, but having to live with a sexual disease can be more frustrating than it sounds. No one can disagree that sex is fantastic (except aghoris who are probably not reading this article). The first few times, sex may well be clumsy or even cringy if you look back. But if it’s great now, that’s all that matters. But not all the people are lucky enough to experience the satisfaction and the thrill of good sex, the reasons on which we are focusing here are related to sexual disorders. These sexual disorders are so weird that they hold the potential to ruin a relationship. See how –


To everybody’s relief, this term is not related to some maniacal tendencies, but it is not any less weird. Firstly, if you think peeing in your wardrobe is the worst thing anyone can do while sleeping walking – reconsider it! Based on what you ask? Based on this disorder, in which a person indulges in a sexual act while being asleep. It’s great for someone who is into being sexed while being asleep, but do you know what is not great? The other person getting sexually assaulted because of this disorder which is reasonably possible.


If you cannot have good sex knowing something unwanted is in your room or on your body, you are pretty normal, and be glad if your partner also does not like it because there are people out there who get sexually aroused when insects crawl all over their body and getting stung by them in some cases.


Nothing could harm a relationship more than cheating on your partner but think about this- a sexual condition in which people derive sexual pleasure from watching their own partner getting engaged in sexual activity with another person. The person who has this disorder gets aroused even by knowing that their partner is cheating.


Imagine having lived a perfectly normal life as a partner. And someday, you get caught up in a fire in your home and rather than rescuing your partner you drop their pants! No kidding! Symphorophilia is a condition in which people get aroused watching a disaster like a fire or a car accident.

Bug Chasing 

How conscious you are of not letting a used blade, or any object cut through your body? Pretty, much right? Because we know, it might infect us with the horrific most disease that is AIDS. Now digest this fact that if someone is affected by this syndrome, they get arousal from thinking about having sex with someone who is HIV positive.

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